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The Maltese Surname Index

PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 3:47 pm
by bimjim
The Maltese Surname Index

The Maltese Surname Index is FREE to use, and is intended to be a long-term genealogy resource - family tree research - where registered users leave Posts with the information they are researching (names, dates, places, other keywords) for other people to find them in the near or distant future.

The Index is not an Archive, it will only hold whatever data users want to add to it as Posts.


Registration is manual, not automatic - which means the form sends an email, and the Administrator adds each user one at a time when he gets to the email. There WILL be a delay between the registration form being sent and the user being registered.

The text in the registration form is 100% to ensure that the registration is not from SPAMmer software.
1. Please insert a short text relevant to genealogy
2. You MUST then make a Post to the software after being registered. This text does NOT create a Post for you.
3. By the Terms Of Use you MUST make a relevant Post within 6 days. This is to stop procrastination and the waste of server space. If you have not Posted by the seventh day - the same day a week later - your registration WILL be deleted.

Registration also gives the Administrator control over users, so historically the Surname Indexes are clean and free from abuse such as SPAM, porn, garbage and advertisements.


Some parts of the Index wil always be in English, however there are language packs installed for French and Italian. Additional language packs will be installed on request, and a Maltese language pack has been requested. If you are willing to convert an existing language pack to Maltese please contact me and we can attempt that.


The Administrator moderates the Index every day and has the right to modify, copy or even delete Posts.

If you wish to assist the Administrator and become a Moderator - especially if you have one of the other languages - that would be welcomed. You must have a few minutes every day to perform this function.

Only 1 Moderator per 500 registered users, please, so not all who apply will be made Moderators.

Other Indexes

The Administrator has created other Surname Indexes, so there was a model to create this one from. However not every country has the same needs, so suggestions for improvements and additions would be very much appreciated.

Valid questions will be answered via a SPAM-free contact form...