WHY is it important to list your surnames on this Index?

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WHY is it important to list your surnames on this Index?

Postby bimjim » Sat Sep 02, 2006 2:33 pm

1. The very best reason... because it's free!

And with that major smart-ass response out of the way, here are some real and serious reasons...

2. This Index is about all connecting - with past, present and future family members, with friends, with schoolmates, with loved ones (but please do not abuse it).

It is about getting your information out there so it can be found. Most people only start to research their roots seriously as they get older, but nowadays whenever they do start they first use a search engine on the internet with the names they are looking for - and when they do, your information is right here for them to find... right away, every millisecond of the year, and you can get right into discovering (or re-discovering) your family tree or other relationships.

3. The biggest problem before now was SPAM email - for someone to contact you over the internet with information, you had to reveal your email address in public, prey to the SPAM searchers. Here, your email is hidden away, and, because contacts are carried on through the Index software (Private Messages), even after a contact has started you continue to have the option to reveal your name (if you are using an alias as a username), your email, your address (please - NOT in public post/s)... or nothing at all.

I once had a SPAM problem that was increasing past 6,000 emails a day before I gave up, changed all my addresses, and created a confidential contact form to avoid a repetition. So I know very well - first hand - what it is like to receive 200 container-loads of garbage at my doorstep every day of life.

4. After you list your surname/s, others can start a thread to discuss that specific post and/or surname - with you and as many others as find an interest, and for as long as any of you wish.

In my daily scans of the Index (to delete SPAM, check for TOU violations and garbage) it never ceases to amaze me how wonderfully these coincidences happen - the vast majority for the good - and people just find each other across generations, distances, countries, and centuries of separation with the help of the internet and this Index. And this Index makes all that possible just by making conversation about your specific surname/s possible.

5. Even if you risked the SPAM in the past and posted on a genealogy discussion Board (like Rootsweb's Caribbean-L, now bought over by Ancestry.com)), your information becomes dated (and you can't change it), your email address may be changed (maybe you were escaping the SPAM?), and you moved on. But, because you could not change anything in your post, your old contacts remained - completely useless to confound those who may have been searching for you.

Here, because you must register to post a surname, you can come back later, log in, and edit/update your own information, and/or change your email address in your Profile as often as you like.

6. This Index is listed all over the internet, and is described as perhaps THE most useful tool someone with Caribbean connections can use. With the new format it has become even more useful, and now more reliable. Because it is my personal pet project (yes, my names are listed here too!), it gets the attention to detail that it needs to remain a first class resource in Caribbean genealogy.

7. This is the first of my Surname Indexes. I have added the Canadian Surname Index...

and the Irish Surname Index...

and I do plan others. If you would like to have another one of your own special interest created sooner rather than later, just send me a PM here to user "bimjim" (the first name in the Members list, or just click on the link below) and it could very well happen within days.

Good hunting...

Jim Lynch
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