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Little Known Facts

Postby MargoMcP » Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:29 pm

I just came across this while researching St. Kitts:

"The year 1854 is arguably the most calamitous year in the history of St. Kitts! Cholera swept through the island and wiped out three thousand nine hundred and twenty (3,920) persons. In Basseterre alone one thousand five hundred and fourteen persons succumbed. It is estimated that one-sixth of the population of the entire island perished." From:

Someone's doing a good job on that site of writing up all the histories of the St. Kitts communities. It occurred to me though, that it might be nice to start a thread of little facts one is finding that might help others with their search? A huge cholera epidemic, for example, might help identify probable cause of death for someone's ancestors. I know in my research I often come on multiple family members who have died the same year and/or close together.

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