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PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 8:37 pm
by bimjim
Hi, Sara...

Your post here is a good start - I hope you switched Notification ON so that if someone replies you will receive an email (and not come back in a year's time to find someone was interested!!!)

Another step might be to prepare entries for the alphabetic listings above... for instance, perhaps a listing under Surnames B that might look like this:

BAKER - Jamaica, Port Royal, All
Body text:
Especially J. Baker

If you have any other names, please feel free to list them as above under the appropriate alphabetical letters.

Just a reminder:

Tthis Index no longer exposes your email address to SPAM harvesters, so please do NOT post your address in public. And with Notification always turned ON, you need not visit here again just to see if anyone responded... but it's always a good idea to check back occasionally to see if anyone else posted the same name in Jamaica - it might be a connection, and the software would not notify you of a new entry.

Other suggestions include looking at the Latter Day Saints (LDS - Mormons) microfilms and microfiche to see if there are any clues for you there.

Do you have any dates for J. Baker? I was wondering if perhaps there are census records in countries like the UK that would shed a light for you. And I have both Caribbeana and History of Antigua which might have references (but I need a date to reference the entry).

Here are some other resources which should help you move on another step or two:

Good luck...

PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 11:56 am
by Rosaline Jeffrey
Hi, I'm new too. I am sorry you lost your father, like you I became more interested in family history after losing mine.

You could look at and check their site out. I look up my grandparents surname, the women's maiden names, dates of birth, marriage or death. You are lucky that you already have papers going far back.

You will get there in the end, don't give up.

Good luck and best wishes

PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 1:23 pm
by bimjim
May I suggest you review the several suggestions offered under the Board "Useful Links" on this Index... if you have names and places, try especially the IGI on-line.

Having done it myself, I can tell you that starting to do family genealogy in any serious way takes a lot of time, patience, and detailed record-keeping. A good idea right at the beginning is to purchase one of the family tree software packages - I use "Family Tree Maker" - and work diligently at recording your information as you find it.

A very good practice is to accept as "gospel" only that information you can prove with documentation. By all means add information to your database that is verbally passed on or that you find in the IGI, but label both reliable and unreliable information in your database as such, with details as to the the sources (source location, document, chapter, page, dates, etc.), and always strive to validate both from at least two sources.

The IGI by itself is not considered to be reliable, for the simple reason that the database has been expanded with family trees uploaded directly by individuals. Since it is well-known that many family trees contain "wishful thinking" - especially relationships with royalty and/or famous/infamous figures and others that have been "fudged" - serious researchers see it as a source for new leads to be followed and confirmed rather than real evidence of who their ancestors really were.

Hope that helps...


PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2006 3:53 am
by bimjim
See my previous message. Posting your surnames here is a good start, and using all the free facilities before looking for a researcher is a very good idea - you save money in researcher's time because you can target where you cannot get any furtrher without skilled help.

Documenting your research is a MUST. You really must know what information you can trust and what is just hearsay, rumour or unconnected names that MIGHT be yours. I have put quite a few names into my database hoping to connect them later - those are not linked to my tree, but I don't have to do that research again if I do find the links to them.

I was unemployed for several years, so I had opportunity and time to do alot of research. But you can do quite alot in your spare time if you organise yourself.

Good luck...