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The forgotten Irish

PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 5:20 pm
by Miles Hispaniae
Recent and current y-dna studies on the Irish have been done without the complete and true facts about the Irish population. How can a study be made? Without the y-dna samples of the Irish slaves sold into slavery by the English to the Caribbean.

1. After the battle of Kinsale 30,000 military prisoners who were sold to the English plantations in the Caribbean.
2. By 1637 the island of Montserrat in the West Indies the population was 69% Irish slaves.
3. In 1650 25,000 Irish slaves were sold to planters in St.Kitts.
4. Over 100,000 children and women were sold to English planters in the West Indies and to the United States particularly New England and Virginia.
5. 12,000 Irish prisoners were sold to English planters in the Island of Barbados.
6. 82, 000 in total Irish were sold and transported has slaves to Barbados and the state of Virginia.

How can a Y-DNA study of Ireland be even taken into account after the ethnic cleansing of Cromwell?

This is why any one with a Irish surname in the Caribbean should take a y-dna test. I belive this will represent the true genetic make uop of Ireland before the Cromwell years.