WESTERN Family - Barbados

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WESTERN Family - Barbados

Postby jambo » Sun Nov 05, 2006 10:26 pm

Family story has it that Richard WESTERN was a sea captain who arrived from Ireland. No proof of this though. In 1800 he married Anna "Hannah" OWENS. Their children were Alice Anne Benjamin WESTERN (b~1806), William Benjamin WESTERN (b. ~1808), Mary Frances WESTERN (b. ~1810), and Sarah Elizabeth WESTERN (b. ~1814) presumably all Bridgetown.

Alice married Thomas HARRIS in 1835.

William married Sarah Frances WOODMAN in 1830.

Sarah married John W. OWENS in 1836.

William owned a flourishing saddler business but had problems with his partner and was left penniless. William and Sarah's children were Margaret Ann 1830, William Richard 1834 and Sarah Williamina 1836.

Margaret married an English soldier, Abraham Fry, and they were my great-great-grandparents. She taught at the school that the Governer's wife's opened (Lady Colebrooke).

Any info on the WESTERNs or the other families mentioned, or the school, please Jambo
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Postby jambo » Tue Nov 14, 2006 7:41 pm

Hi Meg

I tried to send you a private e-mail - did it come through? My other White family contact is very keen to talk to you too.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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Postby bimjim » Wed Nov 15, 2006 2:29 am

Look at the top of every page, just under the logo - CARSURDEX Caribbean Surname Index. You will see the following to the right hand side "* Profile * You have no new messages * Log out". If the link says "* You have new messages", click on it and (if you are logged in) you will be taken to YOUR In-Box to click on and view the message.

Please let me know if you found it and, as soon as possible, come back to your message above in this thread and Edit the email addresses out - being publicly accessible will only invite SPAMmers to send you multiple offers for everything from . and penis enlargement messages to Liposuction - and way beyond.

In the prevoious version of the Index (where all emails were public) I also had two women report they had men stalk and harass them, only stopped by police and restraining order interventions... another very good reason to guard your privacy until you know for sure it is safe to reveal who and where you are.
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