WILES, James b.1768, d.1851

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WILES, James b.1768, d.1851

Postby wellygirl » Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:23 am

Born in the UK in Holywell, Cambridge to Henry Wiles (b.1729, d.1815) and Mary Pitts (b.?, d.1782).

Trained as a botanist at Kew Gardens and took a post as Senior botanist on Captain Cook's voyage to Jamaica, on board HMS Providence, principally to look after the breadfruit trees collected on the HMS Bounty voyage and other specimens collected along the way.
Arrived in Jamaica on 5th February 1793 and took up a position at the Public Nursery at Bath. Subsequently became Superintendant at Liguanea Botanic Garden in 1794. He also continued with the Bath nursery.
His botany is well documented in journals and other research of the time but it is the personal family side I am interested in.

Information from 'Council of Heads of Australiasian Herbaria' research document.
James married at some stage to Eliza/Elizabeth (no other information such as birth dates, marriage dates)?
He had six children;
Henry b. 1796
James b. 1803
Eliza b. 1804
Charlotte b. 1806
Catherine b. 1807
David b. 1810

In 1803 James was appointed Island Botanist succeeding Dr Dancer. He acquired two coffee estates; Monmouth Mount and Mount Edwards in parish of St Andrew.
He died at Monmouth Mount, business with plantations didn't go well.
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