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GENTLES from Scotland to Jamaica

PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:18 pm
by rmniven

Trying to track down any living relatives descended from John Gentles. He is my ggg grandfather who left a wife and 6 children in Falkirk, Scotland to take off to Jamaica with his brother William. While searching for him in Jamaica it becomes rather clear that there are two main branches of the Gentles surname. One, originating with William Gentles, is centered around the Trelawny area, and in particular Hampstead Pen. The other main branch, my John Gentles I suspect, starts off in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica but moves up to and around Christiana, Manchester, Jamaica area, although some stayed in Lacovia and Malvern areas of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Also researching the following families that married female members of the Gentles family including Waite, Bromfield or Broomfield, White, Cox, Bloomfield and Logan to mention a few.

So if you are named Gentles, and would like to find out about your Scottish side of you family, or share your Jamaican side with me, please get in touch.

Thanks from Montreal

Re: GENTLES from Scotland to Jamaica

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:35 pm
by JulesMill
Hello Ron,

John Gentles is also in my family tree he is my ggg grandfather also on my fathers side of the family. My maiden name was Waite.
Apparently John left Falkirst around 1832 to join his brother William in Jamaica it seems they both were merchants for the East India Company. John did have a son Robert in Jamaica (born 1848) but I cannot find any details of his mother, or anything to say that he was divorced from Mary who he left in Scotland.

Robert (my second great grandfather) married Ester Evans and he died in 1931.

If you want any other information let me know, I would be happy to share with you as it seems we are related.

Re: GENTLES from Scotland to Jamaica

PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:20 am
by rmniven
Hi JulesMills,

Nice to make contact with you. I would certainly like to have more conversations with you. I can tell you this, "our" John Gentles was not divorced from Mary Rankine. Rather he abandoned his family and went to Jamaica. In the will of his father, Thomas Gentles, it makes it very clear that Thomas has had to financially support his son John's wife and children. Therefore cut out of the will and considered to have already gotten his inheritance.

I am a descendant of Margaret Gentles, youngest abandoned daughter of John Gentles and Mary Rankine.

I welcome anything that you can tell me about the Jamaican side of John Gentles' family, for that matter, his brother William also. Am I also correct in assuming that your grandfather was Robert James Waite and your grandmother Eva Regina Gentles?

Really looking forward to hearing from you,

your cousin in Montreal

Re: GENTLES from Scotland to Jamaica

PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:10 pm
by JulesMill
Hi Ron,

Great to hear from you and thanks for the response. I guess I was right in my assumption about John, and will try and send you some more information. Regarding Robert James Waite and Eva Waite (Gentles) they were my great grandparents.

I have my family tree set up on Geni for both my side and my husbands family so there has been a lot of research and I am still going. My dad keeps sending me information so I guess this helps. If I can I will send you the link to the family tree and you can look at all of the family links, I am still putting information on so there are additions every now and then.

Look forward to hearing from you soon


Re: GENTLES from Scotland to Jamaica

PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:28 am
John Gentles who came to Jamaica is my Great great Grandfather. With the help of others I have info starting with my ggg grandfather Thomas in Scotland. Would like more info on the Scottish side Thank you. BMRC