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WILES, EMSLEY, COX - Jamaica (and London)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 8:33 am
by annohn
I am looking for a distant relation Elizabeth Wiles c1808 born Holywell on Kingston Jamaica married Joseph Emsley in London 1830 . also David Wiles c1831Jamaica married Sarah Francis Cox could be London as she was born London.


Re: WILES, EMSLEY, COX - Jamaica (and London)

PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2010 3:26 am
by Colin Wiles
My great grandfather (William Thomas) was a brother to David. I have details going back 3 generation if you would like to contact me.
Colin Wiles

Re: WILES, EMSLEY, COX - Jamaica (and London)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:33 am
by wellygirl
Hello Colin and John,

Not sure if you are reading posts anymore, as the last date is 2010. I have been off on another Wiles tangent, tracing whereabouts of family letters and trees to prove all of these questions. As it turns out, they are interred at Cambridge and Oxford University Libraries. They hold much information about the Jamaica and English Wiles families but I live in New Zealand.

David Wiles (b. 1831); I don't have any more information on although he is my 1st cousin 3x removed. His father and my ancestor were brothers; John Wiles (b. 1812, d. 1908). John married Eliza Gilbert and one of their offspring, Edward Octavius is my Gt Grandfather. John Wiles therefore is my Gt Gt Grandfather.

Despite having many Elizabeths in my tree, I don't have an Elizabeth born in 1808 in Holywell in Jamaica, have you found any additional information?

Have you found any more information? Is there a connection between Holywell Hall in Lincolnshire and Holywell in Jamaica? The father and grandfathers of these men were born in Holywell in Lincolnshire.


Re: WILES, EMSLEY, COX - Jamaica (and London)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:02 am
by wellygirl
Elizabeth Wiles (b. 1809, d. 1889)
I have received a Wiles Tree from a Wiles descendant now living in the USA, born in South Africa.

I didn't have this information in my papers but on her family tree, I can see Elizabeth (1809-1889) married to Joseph Elmsley (b. 1809, d.?). Elizabeth's parents are Henry Wiles (b. 1771, Holywell, Lincolnshire, UK, d. 1856, Barbados) and Mary Clarke (b. , Barbados, d. 1851, Barbados). Henry's father was also born in Holywell in Lincolnshire as were his siblings. Henry Snr was the head gardener of Holywell Hall.

I have no other information as to children, sorry. At least this seems to verify your names.


Re: WILES, EMSLEY, COX - Jamaica (and London)

PostPosted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 6:43 am
by Colin Wiles
Hi Yolande

Thanks for your info. I see John has not replied so I will fill you in on our correspondence. I sent him what I had on David Wiles, born 1831. I think this came originally from you, to me, via Jim Pashley. Our David was born in Barbados to William and Pheobe. John's David was born in Jamaica and his father was Henry. It seems both Davids have been given the same wife and children (Sarah Cox, Sarah and Mary).

Sometime back I looked into James Wiles and collected some data but couldn't find any connection to our side of the family. There were already Wiles in Barbados long before he arrived in Jamaica in 1793. The earliest dated Wiles record I have is a christening in 1711. Possibly related but I couldn't find a link.

Regarding the Holywell connection, In a letter to Mathew Flinders dated March 1813, James mentions the coffee plantation Holywell "When Holywell (a coffee Plantation I so named) was yet in its infancy, and before a large sum of money had been expended in its culture, I was offered Ten thousand pounds for it." ( ... eBy=Author). As you suggest, it is highly likely the letters at Cambridge have some significant data.

I’m impressed with the work you have done, keep it up.

Colin Wiles

Re: WILES, EMSLEY, COX - Jamaica (and London)

PostPosted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 8:47 am
by wellygirl
Dear Colin,

Thanks for replying with the interesting link to a letter to Matthew Flinders. I did find that James had written about the Death of Pappo in another document. The Pitcairn Islands Study Centre has the original handwritten copy of this letter.

I have found that James Wiles did have two plantations; both eventually becoming bankrupt, and he died in his favourite - Monmouth Mount. The other (first?) was Holywell, possibly named after the birthplace of him, his father and grandfather.
My researched found that the plantation "Monmouth Mount" was so named in reference to Captain Bligh - he began life at sea on HMS Monmouth age 7.

Two of James' brothers travelled to Jamaica to make their fortune; Henry (b. 1771, d. 1846) in 1795 (m. Mary Clarke and had 15 children) and John in (b. 1778, d. 1842, unknown wife and 9 unnamed children).

James had another brother William. This one puzzles me. I can find records of William Wiles being born in Barbados marrying Ann Barker (ending with Jim Pashley family line). I also have our William - (b. 20/2/1773) m. Ann Barker. It is possible that this connection doesn't in fact exist and that this William and Ann are from another family entirely. For argument sake, until I can find more information, I have placed William and Ann in James' family tree, with all the descendants that we commonly know. I will only know whether mine and Jim's families are inter-related, when I find who William married.

I cannot find anywhere that William travelled out of England. Family letters and descriptions of family life (via Clement Wiles) talk of William travelling to London to make his fortune and was "unwise and unsuccessful". Could he also have travelled to Jamaica and married Ann Barker there? The research data, letters, trees and compilations that Clement amassed are also interred at Cambridge University Library. Clement died in South Africa around 1960.

If not, then I have no more information for William and think the link with Jim Pashley doesn't fit with our family trees.

Lots to figure out. There are living Wiles' descendants in Auckland where I live, all trace from Edward and Florence. I am trying to get in contact with them and will hopefully arrange a big family meetup and see what comes up.


Re: WILES, EMSLEY, COX - Jamaica (and London)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 18, 2013 5:03 pm
by annohn
hi All
regarding David wiles c1831 I have found a record of a Christening on familysearch jamaica. I have also got his Marriage certificate to Cox. on it it details the father as Henry Wiles who was a west indian trader. Is it possible that his (Henry) is related to James wiles or maybe james had a son Henry and this henry had a son??.
john Allan

Re: WILES, EMSLEY, COX - Jamaica (and London)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 4:31 am
by wellygirl
Dear Colin,
Christmas greetings to you. Somehow, this notification ended up in my spam folder.

Just checking emails before finally having a moment to put up the christmas tree/cook dinner.

David Wiles (b. 1899, d. 1928) m. Sarah Francis Cox (b. 1829, d. ?) and had 14 siblings, was nephew of James Wiles. Henry (David's father) was James' brother and did travel to Jamaica sometime after his other brother to make his fortune.

Family letters suggest that many of the children of the brothers in Jamaica, sent many of their offspring back to London to live with their aunt (Elizabeth b. 1776, d. 1839, her husband being John Gilbert), during the time of the abolition and uprising. There are many letters between Elizabeth and Jamaica and the fact that at one stage in their small house in Cambridge, they had some 16 living at one time. I've had a look at the street on Google, the place is tiny, they must have strung them from the ceiling.

It seems that none of the children sent to England ever returned to Jamaica and never saw their parents again.

Back to Matthew Flinders and your information below. in between various other happenings to keep me busy, I happened upon an author who writes extensively about Bligh, Cook, Flinders and others; Rob Mundle. I was interested in the Flinders book, given the letters indicate (and indeed other publications) that Flinders and James Wiles became very close - James circumnavigated Australia with Flinders. I thought that he may have appeared in the book about Flinders - not one mention. There is only one mention of him in his book about Bligh being that the "botanists were left in Jamaica with the gardens to establish and a tree bears the tattoo from Bligh that he planted a breadfruit tree (the first) - 'Bligh S and W'".
Three years they spent travelling around collecting 1000 species of plant and that's it. Oh, well.

Dame Anne Salmond is our top anthropologist here and does extensive work in the field of indigenous cultures and history of the pacific. In her latest book, "Bligh", she does mention James Wiles. I went to university with her daughter, Ami, herself now an anthropologist/curator living in Auckland. Will track her down and see if I can find out some information from her prolific mum. Mum is always jetting around the world, I've lost track of the awards and titles she's received.
Ami is my only hope of securing anything, if I know her mum it is her thoroughness of her research. She must have more.

Better go and set up the tree, have my son hovering around. He's a "hoverer", can't stand hovering :-). Other hoverer is over at a mate's place for the night.

Best wishes for Christmas and 2014. Will be in touch. I have the inlaws arriving from UK for a month on 12th Jan, so won't be doing any family tree stuff this summer.
Mum now is very forgetful and frail, she has had several bad falls this year and knocked her head quite badly, her forgetfulness has reached new heights now. I was visiting her for 4 days last week and the difference was huge.
No more family tree memories from her, she can't quite follow it all. She's just pleased it's all being done, as is her sister.

All the best

Re: WILES, EMSLEY, COX - Jamaica (and London)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 9:06 am
by annohn
Hello Yolander and Colin.
Happy Christmas to you both.
Regarding David Wiles on your reply etc. david Wiles i have as c1831-1888 Born Jamaica (christening record as familysearch jamaica) listed in St Andrews. married Sarah Francis Cox 14.2.1856 London. had two children one married Frekrick Iversen from Norway (i have his descendants and some ancestors female line) On David and Sarah marriage certificate it is listed as Father Henry Wiles and as a West Indian Merchant. Could David's father be James's brother?? or maybe his grandson??. I think this wiles branch must be in Jamaica and not Barbados. Just as a reminder the Elizabeth c1808 listed on a census form as born holywell on trinidad. (possibly a plantation of Wiles).

Best wishes
John Allan

Re: WILES, EMSLEY, COX - Jamaica (and London)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:44 am
by wellygirl
Hello John,
Sorry I meant to reply to you but somehow wrote Colin's name.

Yes, the information you have is the same as I have, except I didn't have a birthplace or record for him. David's father Henry, and James Wiles were brothers, yes. Henry (David's father) travelled from Holywell, Stamfordshire to London in 1793, then onto Jamaica in 1795 and became a planter (?). I have it that out of the 15 children he and Mary Clark had, four of them were sent to England in 1819, as below. The others remained in Jamaica. We think that Mary Clarke was creole as family legend had it that there was a Spanish princess in there somewhere. Had to disappoint them all, as found she was neither spanish nor nobility but had creole and native in her lineage :-). Would be interesting to locate their descendants to find out more, we then jump to Norway. I have it that David's daughter Mary, married a Norwegian from Bergen. I have a good friend who lives in Bergen (American) but is fluent, so could ask her to follow up with norwegian records.

So much information is written from botanical societies of the contribution of James Wiles in bringing the plants to the islands and maintaining the gardens etc, that none is written of his family.
Researching into immigrant or social history in Jamaica and Barbados at the time is proving to be not what I am looking for.
The plants that arrived with the HMS Providence (Bligh and JW) were distributed around the counties in Barbados but their first landing was Jamaica, where James disembarked.

Have been looking for Holywell, it seems to be a national park in the Blue Mountains area not far from Kingston. Can't find mention of a village before it became a national park. I'll keep searching.

Have found this link - see 'St Andrew - Eastern District' for listing of James and Monmouth Mount. St Andrew is a province on island of Barbados

Although, the plantation name does not show on this listing, which admittedly is 1913, some 60+ years after his death ... names.html ... -1851.html

It's late, so off to bed. Tree up but decorations tomorrow.
All the best and hope above helps.

Re: WILES, EMSLEY, COX - Jamaica (and London)

PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2015 3:07 am
by Jenny McCalla
My grandfather's name was John Gilbert Wiles and he was a tailor working at the end of Harbour street, Kingston, Jamaica. He married Doris Plummer of Manchester Jamaica whose father was an English Minister whose surname was James and together they had 12 - one dozen!- beautiful children before divorcing. Many of these left Jamaica for England and the USA in the late 1950's early 60's. Grandfather Johnny Wiles died in the early 60's. My mother, his daughter - Beryl Joyce Wiles McCalla - has passed and so have most of her siblings. I know that Grandfather Johnny's mother was a Dearing from St. Ann Jamaica.
Recently, I found out that there was a Wiles connection with Lincolnshire, England. I used to hear, as a little girl, about the Wiles connection with the Captain Bligh ship which was transporting breadfruit to Jamaica. I also recently learnt about the Wiles connection in St. Andrew Jamaica.
Time is running out and I would be very happy to hear of any further Wiles connections.

Jennifer Ann McCalla Smith
Cayman Islands