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Waite - Jamaica, Manchester, district Coleyville/ Christaina

PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 1:40 am
by lashabert
seeking grand father Robert Waite; DoB 1873; DoD 1925
Grand mother Eva Gentles DoB 1876; DoD 1957
Ina, Nora, Mabel, Minna, Gerald, Hilda, George Myrtle, and William.

other names
John Williams born 1866; died 1939 Reading Pennsylvania. grand mother Teresa Allen, Evan Williams; DoB 1902; DoD 1992; married Ina Waite
Max Williams DOB 1901; DoD 1995; married Minna
Iris Williams, DoB 1907
other family names, Gentles, Webb, Russel, Bloomfield

Waite - Jamaica, Manchester, district Coleyville/ Christaina

PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 5:07 pm
by lashabert
Dear melodye
Thank you very much for your reply, I was so delighted to hear from you, I had no idea that the Waite family goes so far back in history, I was quite impress. My mother is Ina Waite married Evan Williams, hence me Cuthbert Williams, I would dearly love to know more, I have been doing the family research now for a couple of years and not had much luck beside the immediate family . I do have a family tree set up on which we use to keep in touch, it’s an invite only so if you wish to send me your email address I will add you to it, Hope to hear from you soon have a lovely week.
Much respect
Cuthbert Hugh Williams

Re: Waite - Jamaica, Manchester, district Coleyville/ Christ

PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:21 pm
by Williams
Hi, just joined...

I am looking for Williams, but when I saw your name Hugh I thought, this is interesting, I have an uncle named Hugh - I have a brother Hughbert.

My Williams are from Clarendon, Richmond Park. One Aunt Mureal - hope spelling is correct - and Uncle Terry.

I know that there are a lot more aunts and uncles in different parts of JA, and I think someone - my grand I think - was called Mass Rob, used to ride a horse.

Any information would be greatly received, thanks.