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WILES, Barbados

PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 3:33 am
by Patrick
Patrick Gibson, seeking information on ancestors of James Wiles born before 1865. Married Sara Innce. Children: James jr., Albert, Venus, Helena, Constance.

Re: WILES, Barbados

PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:47 am
by wellygirl
I have an ancestor I am researching named James Wiles (b. Holywell, UK 1768, d. Monmouth Mount, St Andrews, Barbados 1851).
He arrived on HMS Providance as the botanist for Captain Cook, bringing breadfruit to Jamaica. I have it recorded that he married and had 6 children but cannot find any records of them.
There is much information on his life and work as a botanist and his role on the HMS Providence.
His parents were Henry Wiles (b.1729, d.1815) and Mary Pitts (b.?, d.1782) Holywell, Stamford Lincolnshire.


Re: WILES, Barbados

PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 4:11 am
by Patrick
Hi there:
There may be a connection but it is hard to know with so many generations missing. I am currently working on the Wiles family (many of whom emigrated to the US and Canada). I will let you know what I find out about James H. Wiles.


Re: WILES, Barbados

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2012 10:23 pm
by Wilesy
Hi Patrick and Yolande,

I've private messaged you both, I am a descendant of James Wiles and his son John, who is my Great, Great Great Grandfather. It would be great if you both got in touch with me for some information sharing!

Kind Regards

Antony Wiles