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VAN BERCHEYCK - Guyana, Demerara

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:43 pm
by Bazzan
Looking for Charles Van Bercheyck or anything on this family.

My Children are descended from Vivena (Vivenia) Uneta (Jeanita) Amartha Victoria Van Bercheyck. Get Charles from the marriage certificate of Amy and Vivenia. Believe they are descended for the Dutch Surveyor.

What I have is
Amy Catherine Strapallan Van Bercheyck (widow) marries William Everett 4 August 1879
Amy believed to be born Amy Harris (1855), daughter of Granderson Yard Harris
First husband is Charles Van Bercheyck
Amy is born bridgetown Barbados (source England & Wales 1881 Census and shipping records)

Her a daughter Vivena Uneta Van Bercheyck born 1875 in Lanarkshire, Scotland
Adopted daughter of William Everett (source England & Wales 1881 Census)

Think this is another branch of the family.
1871 England and Wales Census Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Ishmael (John) Bercheyck
birth: 1842 Demerara
Mary Bercheyck
birth: 1845 Barbados
Jessie Bercheyck
birth: 1860 Demerara

Jessie dies in July 1875 in Manchester England at 15 and is listed as the daughter of Mary and the grandaughter and heiress of the late Maud Harris formerly of Barbados West Indies.

Looking for Bercheyck of Van Bercheyck of Demerara and the Harris family of Bridgetown Barbados