URRY, HURRY - Jamaica

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URRY, HURRY - Jamaica

Postby now-wheream1 » Sun Jan 11, 2009 11:26 am

I am recording the headstones in a Devon Churchyard, one headstone next to the main path is of good carving, and is very dignified.

Information on the lady I am looking for has so far revealed:

1841 census as ANNA C HURRY, aged 40years and born 1801 in 'foreign parts'. A woman living on independant means.

In 1851 census she is living on her own, unmarried and an Annuitant. Amazingly still only aged 40yrs! This census tells me that she was born in West Indies, British Subject.......but her name HARRIET HURRY.

Her headstone is prominently sited by the main path and records her as ANNA CHRISTIANA URRY born in Jamaica, died 6 May 1857 aged 70yrs. There are no other names recorded on the headstone.

There are no other Urry's, or Hurry's in the area, although there are some in Devon, none show being born in West Indies.

I have looked through the burial records, and she is listed exactly as her headstone shows.

My request is.........how can I find out where she was born - was she born to a military family, a plantation owner? She obviously had money of her own. She never married her final resting place is prominent and her headstone carries none of the 'Victorian sentimentality'....she seems to me to have been a woman of means..............but who was she?

Does anyone else like to solve puzzles, I would love to have some help!

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