SMITH, TUCKER, WILLIAMS - Jamaica, St. Mary, St. Ann

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SMITH, TUCKER, WILLIAMS - Jamaica, St. Mary, St. Ann

Post by natashas » Sun Sep 25, 2016 5:36 pm

I am desperately trying for almost 2 years to find and living realities of my great grandmother Daisy Smith. I found my grandmother's birth certificate. Daisy gave birth to Millicent May on July 31st, 1925 in Richmond, St Mary Jamaica. My grandmother Millicent was given her father's last name after birth. Her father was Gerald Ashbrook Abrahams from Clarendon May Pen. He owned La Retreat Cigar store and factory in Kingston Port Royal. Daisy also gave birth to a son Lester Smith 1927 in Highgate St Mary.

I think I found Daisy Smith's death certificate. It says she died in Coultant Grove St. Ann Claremont May 7th 1934 from Turberculosis. Ethel Tucker is listed as her cousin and witness at death.

I looked up Ethel Keziah Tucker and she later marries Archibald Williams in 1949(?). Ethel had about 9 children. Wilemina, Vincent,Edna, Iclind, Hubert, Lloyd, Myrtle, Charles and Ivy ( all Tucker). The Tucker's all lived in Coultant Grove Claremont area. I do not know how Daisy Smith was her cousin.

My grandmother portrayed her life as very privlaged. After her death I do not believe many of her stories, were her reality. I do not think Gerald married Daisy. I'm also do not believe that Daisy was the lady of the house. The biggest mystery is whether Daisy was white. After my grandmother's death I did genetic testing and it stated my ancestors came from West Africa.

I believe and pray that the answers I find may explain the complex relationship I had with my grandmother.

Again, this has been almost 2 years that I researched and finally hit a brick wall or sometimes I think a rabbit hole.

Please help a sister out?

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