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TRECO - Nassau, Bahamas

PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 3:44 pm
by Bahama Gal
My name is Patricia Treco Knowles and I am trying to find out where my g.g.g.g.grandfather John Peter Treco,
born about 1770 came from prior to settling in the Bahamas in 1809. His obituary of September 19th, 1849 says he
was a native of Paris, France having lived in the Bahamas for 40 years prior to his death on Sept. 18/1849.

So far I have found several spelling variations of the name, which are Trecu, Trichot, Trico, Tricot and Tricou.
A few people who speak French that I have spoken to seem to think that his native French name would probably
have been Juan Pierre Trichot. I have not found him under that name yet.