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THEOBALD, THEOBALDS - St. Vincent, Park Hill

PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:52 pm
by suew20352
I am searching for any family members that may still live in the Park Hill area, or anyone that may have known this family, and would be wiling to provide more information.

Details that are available are as follows:

NAME: Martha Oletta Theobalds/Theobald
DoB: 1 July 1940
Birthplace: Park Hill, St Vincents
Married: 31 December 1961 in Southampton, Hampshire, England to Jadu Nandan of Nadi, Fiji
    FATHERS NAME: Martin (Daniel?) Theobalds/Theobald
    DoB: Circa 1915 -1920
    Emigration: after 1940
    Lived in: Birmingham, England
    Death: 17 January 1971 in Birmingham, England
    MOTHERS NAME: Esmie (Esme?) Harry
    DoB: circa 1915 -1920
    Emigration: after 1940
    Returned to St. Vincent after January 1971 (after death of her husband)
    Death: 9 September 1982 in Park Hill, St. Vincent

All responses will be answered,

Many thanks