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VAUGHAN, KING, SHAW - Barbados, St Andrew, Cheltenham

PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 4:44 pm
by Brooklyn Born
My great-great-grand parents, Mary Judith Vaughan and Richard King, were married in Barbados in 1830. In 1842 they were living at Cheltenham, St Andrew.

Anna Maria Vaughn, who lived at Cheltenham in 1836, married Edward Shaw in 1842. In the mid-1840s Anna Maria and Edward lived at Cheltenham. He gave his occupation as planter.

Anna Maria and Edward’s son Richard Shaw married Mary Judith and Richard’s daughter Maria Isabella King in 1875.

An Elizabeth Vaughan may have been Anna Maria’s sister and a Benjamin Vaughan may have been her father.

Would appreciate any information about the Vaughans and how they were related and any information about Cheltenham.

Thank you.