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Postby charles » Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:21 pm

My grandmother was Laura O'Conner, b/1870 on St. Maartens. Her father was Charles Lewis Smith Conner also born on Maartens in 1829. I have so far traced the family back to Joseph Smith Conner, b/1770, not sure where in the West Indies. I am trying to learn how the Conners/O'Conners came to the West Indies, and also who was Joseph Conner's father. I would appreciate any help that can be given. Regards charles
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Postby charles » Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:52 pm

Hi John, Thanks for responding. I look forward to visiting your tree site. I am working on mine, not quite ready to upload yet. I supplied the picture you mentioned, to another family member, acutually my 5th cousin, as she defined it. It is wonderful to me to have so many people, I never knew, as relations, and who are also interested in our family's past. Makes the world seem a little closer to me.

Anyway the woman in the picture are my great aunt, Louise, My aunt Jennie, and my grandmother Laura. Charles Lewis was my great grandfather! Please stay in touch and I will happily share anything I find with you. Right now I am trying to get the low down on how the family got to the West Indies. Most of my research todate leans toward them coming as slaves thanks to Cromwell. If the "O" in O'Conner being used sometimes and not others, is confusing, I learned how that came about. However, as it is from your immediate side I expect you already know.

I, may have a picture of William Fredrick, my great uncle, but I would imagine you have several.

I am recently retired and living in upstate New York, about 5 miles from the farm that Laura, and Charles purchased in 1919. I grew up on that farm and part of it, originally 180 acres, still is in the family. Between researching my Dutch mother's side and my Irish father, although technically Laura was Dutch by nationality, I am kept happily in musty old library corners, and county offices.

Look forward to speaking to you again.

Regards Charles
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Postby bimjim » Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:55 am

If you may have relatives in Trinidad, i knew an O'Connor at school who still lives in the centre of Trinidad. I no longer have contact, but I did know him.
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