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HOOPER, STEVENS, HENRY, OLIVER - Antigua, St. Mary's Parish

PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:37 pm
by pt2v
I am seeking information on HOOPER, HENRY, STEVENS and OLIVER surnames.

My maternal grandmother, Viola HOOPER, and her mother, Christiana Mariah HOOPER, emigrated to New York about 1908. Christiana's parents were John Christian HOOPER and Jane Ann STEVENS.

Viola's parents were John HENRY and Christiana HOOPER. Viola's Social Security application claims that her father's name was John HENRY. I am told, however, that often when someone is born out of wedlock, the common name for the father seems to be John HENRY.

I received a letter from the Registrar's Office in Antigua in 1988 that gave me information on three children born to Christiana Hooper:

1. A male child, born 6 August 1892, in the parish of St. Mary (No. 6356, p. 221).
[My grandmother told me that she had a brother who died as a child when he hit his head on a rock.]

2. A female child, born 8 February 1895, in the parish of St, Mary (No. 6834m p. 287).
[The date of birth of this female child is the same as that of my grandmother, Viola HOOPER.]

3. A female child, born 20 September 1897, named Jane Beatrice OLIVER, in the parish of St. John (No. 3398, p. 53)

The letter goes on to say that father's names were not listed on the birth certificates of unmarried couples.

I am interested in any information on any of these names.