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REID - Jamaica

PostPosted: Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:56 am
by Lyla Smith

Seeking information about my family the Reid family (my mother's side) I have little information on my mother but:

REID - Jamaica, St Mary

My mother's name is Evelyn Smith (maiden name Reid), she was born in 1928, St. Mary's, Jamaica. Her father's name was Robert Reid (aka Serious) possibly born around late 1890s, I have no further details on him. Her mother's name was Rachel Price - possibly spelt Pryce - born around the 1900s. There are no other details for my mother's family. Absolutely anything would be helpful. Thanks.

Re: REID - Jamaica

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:17 pm
by Tamz30

I have uncovered plenty of information that may help you. Evelyn was my grandmother. Robert Reid was not her real Dad. I say this because I have managed to track her birth certificate and there is no father recorded. There was definitely a connection between Rachel and the Reids as a number of them were present at the birth of her other children. Eventually Rachel and Robert married 8/8/1929 to be exact. A year later they had a son of their own Lucien Reid born 26/4/1930.

Rachel's other children were Veria Matilda Price born 30/11/1916 (Robert Reid present at birth) Eric Alexander no recorded surname 9/05/1922 (Zedekiah Reid present at birth) Joseph Price 24/11/1924 (Julian reid present at birth) and Theresa Elizabeth Price 15/06/1914 (Robert Reid present at birth) None of these children have fathers recorded on her birth certificates.

Rachel's father was called Daniel Price - confirmed by record of her marriage. I hope this helps.