STEWART - Dry Harbour (Discovery Bay), Jamaica

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STEWART - Dry Harbour (Discovery Bay), Jamaica

Postby jsobiz » Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:21 pm

I am looking for any information regarding any of the following individuals from Dry Harbour (Discovery Bay ) Jamaica:

William Henry Stewart (b. 1825 c.) m. Miriam Taylor? William may have been a clergyman.
Son: William Henry Stewart (1843-1932 c. ?) m. Annie Hines(c. 1854-1922 c. ?) m Aug 23 1876 in Brown's Town, St. Ann. William was apparently a carpenter and & millwright. William was believed to have been born in Barton Bowen and Annie perhaps in Hopewell, St. Ann.

Stewart Children born in Jamaica:
Ernest Samuel b. April 15, 1876, St. Ann – spouse Betty Mueller b. ~1891
Partners: Cathrine Williams (Miss Katie), Eryphena Louise Mcalester (Scott) 1893-1950, Matilda Allen
Alfred Hugh b. June 20, 1879, Cottage St. Ann - spouse/partners: Mary Frances Allen (Fanny), Florence Lemonias ~ 1887
Edward Nathaniel b. June 4, 1881, Cottage St. Ann m. Ardel Fedelia Johnson b. Feb. 16, 1903. Edward was a carpenter.
Charles Ernald (Arnald?) b. May 22, 1883, Cottage St. Ann m. Maude Dunbar
(Maria) Maude b. July 1, 1886 m. Percival Cover - partners: Augustus Edwards, Unknown Thompson
Ida Idilla b. November 7, 1888 Cottage, St. Ann

I would like to confirm the parents of William Henry Jr. and his origins, DOB, DOD and marriage etc. Also to find out more about his ancestors.
Any help is appreciated
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