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Belfon - Grenada

PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 3:06 pm
by yvonne emanuel
Good morning all,
I returned to the LDS family center last night to fish - the microfilms- (get it- fish) ok,ok.

I found a few more Grenada, 'Belfon' entries.
1 for Burke (for a friend)
3 for Alexander (for other fam members)
1 for Benjamin (" " " " ")

THis is really exciting. I was surprised that even with my numerous turns of the handle, I still have soooo much film to go.

I am collecting the data as it appears and will eventually try to connect the dots- I hope.
Catherine Belfon my GG grandmother, married Louis LaMotte Sr. (1884?) Grenada.
So, I have several names to track. Will return tonight .

while chatting with a lady doing research last night, she stated that "BANNS" on the marriage entries was an announcement that was made during church to state that these two people wanted to get married... could any of my fellow "tree trackers" comment on that?

Thank you , Yvonne

defintion of "banns"

PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 5:00 pm
by caquart
Hi there,

Here is a definition of "banns"

Banns: A public announcement of an upcoming wedding, usually made weekly for three weeks prior to the wedding, requiring anyone who knew of just grounds why the marriage could not take place to report it prior to the date announced.


defintion of "banns

PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 5:34 pm
by yvonne emanuel
Thank You Cathy.

I guess this was the original "Save the Date" notification.


BELFON - St. Parick's Grenada

PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 9:58 pm
by Algernon
Algernon Belfon seeking Especially Yvonne Emmanuel.

Its intersting that you are searching for a Belfon in Grenada with more informaton I might be able to source info, my aunt has traced the family tree.

Yours Sincerely,
Algernon Belfon

Belfon of Grenada

PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 1:04 pm
by yvonne emanuel
Goooood morning Algernon,

I am the (ggd) of Louis LaMotte and Catherine Belfon. the were married in Grenada , 1864. I know that the lovely cuzin I met while "tree Trackin" , Daphne also has Belfon on her extensive LaMotte side. This is sooo exciteing. We recently linked a branch of LaMottes's that I have been tryin to resolve for years. Sheldon LaMotte in Trinidad just joined our LaMotte google group and we are gaining so clearity to Evan/Ivan (sp) LaMotte who left Grenada som time ago.

I know that we are also related to Eric Rose (deceased) My cousin Elsa benjamin- Lord explained that When one of the Belfon's died shortly after giving birth ( 50= years ago) that her mother (Phyllis LaMotte-Benjamin) ran to the house explaining to them that this was their cousin and we had to assist. The child born to this woman was I think... Eon . When I phnoed him years ago he was residing in Georgia, USA.

John Byron Belfon was on the tree that Eric provided in my request for family tree information. I was in Grenada for the first time in Oct fro my cousin Fedora Grants funeral. I can't wait for you to meet Daphne and for us to discuss the Belfon connection... A few years ago I got the phone book from a goodlay friend here in New Jersey. (jean Hackett) and while flippping through it I saw the photo of Jane belfon and almost dropped the book she looked soooo much like my anut Margorie LaMotte (deceased ) that I stayed up all night and missed church to phone her first thing in the morn.... She put me through to Fedora and then I was in contact with other family members. Leon ( Rat) is my cousin and so was Cisley who recently passed away in Grenada. I also met an ex police officer Layne LaMotte in NY.. So much to chat about. Can't wait to connect the dots.

cuzin'Choli (yvonne)

Belfon- LaMotte (Grenada)

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2007 6:28 pm
by yvonne emanuel
Good afternoon Algernon, :D

What a pleasure to have made your aquaintance. I met your aunt Jane Belfon a few years ago (2002-2003) over the phone. After meeting you I sat on the couch with one of my earlier binders and poured over my hand written notes and a few old emails. I saw the entry from when I phoned Jane, I came across a few notes that I am still trying to piece together.

When you have a chance, could you please list the names of a few LaMottes that you are familiar with or better yet related to. :D :D :lol:
Daphne is researching the Munro, Belfon and LaMotte surnames also and the I am collecting data on the surname Alexander and Noel ( and a couple others) but enough for now... I don't want to overwhelm you. :roll:

Tree trackin can take over brain cells that you never knew you had... :shock: wake you up at night trying to remember a name , have you sitting for moments at a a time in deep thought creating tree charts similar to org charts in your head... until someone asks" are you alright"? :shock: it's alllll good.. it's an unavoidable conversation you have with yourself and even shake your head with answers... It's alright...
Algernon, as you begin this journey, your Ancestors will be sure to create paths to other souls doing the same developmental work... :wink:
So don't be alarmed when you find yourself at the kitchen table with notes from seemingly simple conversations with familymembers that turned into a CNN-like interview. :D :wink:

I will list a few cousins in the next post... hope to hear from you soon.

YvonneEmanuel (aka) cuzin' Choli :lol:

Belfon relatives

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 7:06 pm
by yvonne emanuel
Algernon, :D

I know that some of the family spells the surname LaMotte phonetically (LaMothe). :?

I was introduced to a woman by the Name of Rosaline LaMothe in 2003. I spoke with her the other night and she told me tha tshe attended the funeral of Peter LaMotte in England. This Peter was the father of Layne, Alban, Evadnee and atleast 12 more children. He has a brother Geroge and sister, Agnes. She stated that Savil ( the fisherman) was her cousin.

As I stated before, I am going to list some of the first names of LaMotte family members that I know are in Grenada. :shock: :D

Leon Alexander(rat) (owns a store in( Gouayve)?) his brother
Cisley(deceased, her brother Seaton (aka-Major Bro) Fedora Grant,deceased, George who passed away on the beach in Grenada about a year ago( he was the son of Lynn LaMotte,
baby LaMotte, Anna Glean, Lyle Rogers( deceased?), Alban , Edrice, Eric Rose- Deceased , Sheila Bansfield, Lillian ferguson.
There are the grown children of Ms. Mathlin with Alec Lamothe-in Trinidad , Alec and his wife Mrs Louisa LaMothe, Randolph and Marie. Whew...
Randolph( aka Chico) and Marie are sibiligs) Only Randolph had children -children with Cecelia Williams are, Leon Alexander AKA- rat, Peter(chico jr), and Jean, then his children with Ms.Elvira Crawford children Hillary, Wendy, Brian, Kennrick, Selyn,and Michael. I spoke with Randolph throeugh his daughter Hillary a few years ago. She promised to go to Fedora's to meet Aunt Muriel who was viviting her daughter ( fedora but never made it. _ those would have made great photos and a for a good day of documentation. :)
Information from Eric in 2003 put me in contact with the decendants of John Byron Belfon- Cathline, who was lliving in Georgia USA, and her sister, Mary Louisa Belfon-Barrett(aka)Pinks in Queens NY.

Cathlline- Belfon Bennett states that she , Enid Charles, Winifred(Hercules) and Eric Rose share the same grandfather- John Byron Belfon.
I know I chat alot but it's all good. :D

Choli aka- Yvonne Emanuel

Grenada Belfon relatives cont.

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 7:10 pm
by yvonne emanuel
The siblings to John Byron Belfon are (were)Amy Belfon ( from Victoria), Wainwright Belfon and Frank Belfon.

Re: Belfon- LaMotte (Grenada)

PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 3:39 am
by Peaches
My great-grandmother was Maude Belfon. I'm not sure where she fits in the family tree since I'm at the beginning of my research. My mother met Jane Belfon last summer and she looks just like my grandmother did. I'm a little tired now. I'm going to try and gather some more information from a cousin who is doing research.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 2:05 pm
by bimjim
The Mormons created family tree software called GEDCOM, which is free - I think. I personally use (formerly Broderbund) Family Tree Maker from more than 10 years ago now, and never saw the need to upgrade.

What may be an idea is to each get the same software and exchange databases - there is simply no way to get ALL of a family tree on paper, especially if you do as I do and follow all spouses trees (upwards and downwards) as well. Use Google to check out a GEDCOM software download source (or . a commercial one) and take it from there.

I have been to two (different relatives) family gatherings now where I used my software to create a graphics file with a tree for that particular family... I took it to an art shop that prints architectural plans (on paper 3 feet wide) and had paper strips printed - they all ended up 3 feet tall by about 20 feet long (the software prints one whole generation per line).

At one gathering, in CT, it was a sunny day and there was a large lawn, so I unrolled them on the ground with stones at strategic places against the wind. People of all ages were strolling up and down looking and finding and pointing and talking... the kids were very much into it, and the elderly were remembering days (and relatives) long since gone by.

At the other gathering at a Golf Club Party Room, in England, we used temporary sticky stuff to fix it into the bay window and it became a focal point. As lunch was served, the sun shone through it and illuminated the room even more.

This visible history did two tangible things (at least!): First, it brought the family tree alive to a point where all ages could really relate to it and discuss family members, and second, it gave everybody a chance to make corrections, additions, updates (and yes, there were deletions!). I took the hung copy home and updated my database, and I had taken an extra 5 copies with me which I gave away.

Here is a third factor that may not affect everyone (or maybe it might!!!): There is evidence of mixed race in my family, even right at the earliest time of the tree. In the past, those who have ventured into research came upon it and withdrew.

With the fact so prominently displayed, more than one older relative came to me and remarked they were pleased to see that it was out in the open and that now it did not seem to be such a big deal.

Good luck with your research - I encourage you to share the data!!

Jim Lynch

PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2007 2:17 am
by Peaches

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm definitely going to get GEDCOM or a similar software. I'm working on several family branches.


I found a Belfons on a British genealogy Web site. One has her family tree in there. Here's the link: ... fonanagor/


Belfon- LaMotte - Grenada

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 12:52 pm
by yvonne emanuel
:D Good morning all,

Peaches... I was looking through the Grenada phone book several years ago and saw the phonto of Jane and stopped in my tracks.. she lookes like my aunt Margorie LaMotte.

I didn't go to church that morning to phone her as soon as the suncame up. My Ggm was Catherine Belfon who married Louis LaMotte in Grenada.
I phoned Jane and we couldn't make the connection but she was very friendly with my cousin ( now deceased) Fedora Grant.
After meeting Algernon on the link I phoned jane again.

Peaches when you get a chance fill me in as to what other surnames from Grenada are in your family. Eric Rose was a Belfon...


Re: Belfon- LaMotte - Grenada

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 2:06 pm
by Peaches
Hi Yvonne,

I have another surname for you, George. My great-grandmother, Maude Belfon, married Charles George. She moved to St. Vincent, but some of her children and grandchildren lived in Grenada for awhile before coming to the U.S. and quite possible there were Georges there all along. I have to look into that. For the George side of my family, Ive been able to look at ship passenger lists and figure some stuff out based on who people were traveling with and connecting it with a document I have. Either the Belfons traveled alone or they were traveling with family members who had a different surname. I can email the passenger list where Henry Belfon is on there to you. I got another name, Mercy Belfon, my ggreataunt. I have to figure out who she married and get her surname.

I'll do some digging for more surnames and let you know what I come up with. The impression I have now is there were/are a lot of Belfons in Grenada.


yvonne emanuel wrote::D Good morning all,

Peaches... I was looking through the Grenada phone book several years ago and saw the phonto of Jane and stopped in my tracks.. she lookes like my aunt Margorie LaMotte.

I didn't go to church that morning to phone her as soon as the suncame up. My Ggm was Catherine Belfon who married Louis LaMotte in Grenada.
I phoned Jane and we couldn't make the connection but she was very friendly with my cousin ( now deceased) Fedora Grant.
After meeting Algernon on the link I phoned jane again.

Peaches when you get a chance fill me in as to what other surnames from Grenada are in your family. Eric Rose was a Belfon...


Belfon- LaMotte - Grenada

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 2:51 pm
by yvonne emanuel
I am not familiar with the George surname but maybe cuzin' Daphne is.. I will look into this for you.

I met Daphne while doing research a few years ago. She might be able connect some of the dots.

Thhis is exciting... the data I have for Catherine Belfon is 1883 and 1884 etc ,etc, etc.
Daphne's LaMotte entry to George David LaMotte and Felicity Belfon:

George David married Felicity Louisa Belfon

I think Catherine (my Ggm) and Felicity were related (I'msure of it) Same timeframe...

and look below.. Albert stood up for Catherine not sure of his relationship though... Now the Stephen who stood up for Louis (my Ggf) was the brother of George David.
I think Louis was a "cousin" to Stephen and George David and maybe Felicity and Catherine were sisters to Albert Belfon.
MArriage of my GGParents:

28 Sep 1884
Married by banns
Louis Lamotte of the
Parish of St John, bachelor, and
Catherine Belfon, spinster
Witnessed by
Stephen Lamotte and Albert Belfon


Re: Belfon- LaMotte - Grenada

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:57 pm
by Peaches
Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for having cousin Daphne look into the George surname.

I have another surname for you, Nelson. My great-greataunt Mercy Belfon married a Nelson and apparently her descendants are in England with some in the U.S. My great-grandmother, Maude's full name was Maude Alexandrina Belfon George. I have a hunch that Alexander may be her mother's or grandmother's maiden name. There're so many layers to this. I'm still trying to digest. I'll post on the Alexander thread. I'm confused about how the Alexander family relates to Catherine Belfon, your great-grandmother?. Notice how Ann Belfon's middle name is Alexandra? There's also an Alexandrina Belfon who lived in New York, but she was my grandmother age, so that was a different person seperate from my great-grandmother Maude.

Judy Belfon on the ( ... lfonanagor) has this information:

***Catherine A.Belfon/Alexander is my (Judy Belfon's) maternal grandmother
-sister of:
1.Vigilant Belfon (one known son Randall)
2.Edna Madro Belfon(Muriel,Lauric,Claris,Esra)
3.Willie Belfon (no children/possible in cuba)
4.Ann Alexandra Belfon (Mavis & Edith ?????)
5.(twin boys died at birth?)