BADNAUGTH, BADNAUGHT (E. Indian) - Jamaica, Manchester

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BADNAUGTH, BADNAUGHT (E. Indian) - Jamaica, Manchester

Postby Amber » Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:57 am

Mary Badnaugth was my great-grandmother. She was born in 1884 in Somerset, Mancester, Jamaica to John Bajnaught.

She had one sister named Elizabeth Bajnaught 1895-1933, who was born in Spanish Town, Saint Catherine, Jamaica to the same father. Their mother's names cannot be found.

The surname spellings I've seen are: Badnaugth, Bajnaught, Badguard, Bagnant, Badgrouth, Bognought, Bagwaight, Badgnant, Bodgnaught, or Bagjnauth

Mary married Walter James Badwah in 1912 in Saint Catherine, Jamaica and had twelve children together.
1) Louise Amanda Badwah 1914-1920
2) Edward Connelly Badwah 1915-?
3) Lydia Badwah 1916-?
4) Altamont Badwah 1918-?
5) Christine Josephine Badwah 1919-1995
6) Noel Badwah 1921-?
7) Rosalie Badwah 1923-?
8 ) Joseph Ira Badwah 1925-1974
9) Mailsada Badwah 1927-?
10) Linford Badwah 1929-1929
11) Leonard Badwah 1930-?
12) Myrtle Badwah ?-?
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