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BRANCH - Barbados

PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 3:58 am
by Shirley

I'm trying to tidy up some conflicts and address the holes in my tree. It seems that 4-5 generations of my family lived in Barbados. References talk of a Scottish heritage but I cannot trace back this far. My father was John Branch.

My fourth great grandfather was Sir Alexander Barclay Branch 1784-1849, son of Alexander Barclay and Hope Branch. I am wondering why he adopted his mothers maiden name as the surname? Any help on this is appreciated. Sir Alexander left Barbados and died in England. He was made captain of Greenwich Hospital after helping Lord Nelson in the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

His mother, Hope Branch, was the daughter of Dr. john Branch 1713-1775. Born and died in Barbados. His parents were john and Elizabeth. I have two conflicting sources here... One states John Branch 1680-1720 and Elizabeth Seaward as his mother and the other, John Seaward and Elizabeth Branch being married. With the adoption of mothers maiden name with my fourth GGfather, I'm wondering if the same happened here, or not. This is where I'm having trouble tracing back. I would have attached the two records but it tells me the board quota has been reached ... Any help appreciated. I'm new to genealogy, and brand new to this site.

Thank you

Re: BRANCH - Barbados

PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 3:19 pm
by Twiglet
Hi, Shirley,

You raise a number of points. Alex BB was adopted by his aunt Hope when his parents were killed at the time of his birth. His parents were Branchs, but it is not known which ones, hence he was given the surname Branch, although his adoptive father was Barclay. I believe that the Barclay family were Scottish. I have a lot of info on him. I also have information on the other people you mention, which seems to conflict with yours, but too much to copy here. My email is so if you let me have your address, I will send what I have. No guarantees on accuracy, tho'!

BTW, the Spanish Armada was in 1588, so I doubt he was there-but he seems to had his fair share of action against the French and Spanish.

May I ask which John was your father, and how he is related to Sir ABB, I have sons of Sir ABB as George Furguson B, John Powell B and William Henry B.

I found no attachment to your latest post.

All the best
John Branch