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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 2:16 pm
by caramonica
I am looking for any information about my family lineage in Barbados. Great Grandfather was Donavan Westmore Blades, siblings were Daisy, Cameron, and Beryl.

Beryl was married to Sir Francis Holder who died in 1965. Beryl passed in 1989. Beryl's mother's maiden name was Ellen Weatherhead.

My grandfather Brandon Blades, son of Donavan, briefly lived on Barbados with his parents (Donavan) and his mom Luisa Scagliotti Blades (Italian Immigrant to USA).

Donavan and his siblings were not "classified" as black, but they were also not white, as indicated by some old paperwork we have. We are very interested in finding out when our family became mixed race.

We have no information about Donavan's father, we know that his mother was Ellen Weatherhead Blades.

Thanks for any help! any info at all is welcome!