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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 3:04 am
by Leslie Cale
Helene Gertrude Phillips, nee Barrow -- Her siblings were: Christopher Barrow, Reginald Ernest Barrow (my great grandfather), and Lucilla Granville Barrow. Her parents were: William Trotman Barrow (born August 21, 1814) and Rebecca Ann Barrow nee Warren. who died in 1906.

William Trotman Barrow may have worked in the sugar industry, because his second born - Reginald - was born at Pool Plantation in St. John, Barbados. William Trotman Barrow may have been born in British Guiana, and he was one of ten children.

William Trotman's parents were: Francis Alexander Barrow and Sarah Barrow nee Marsh, whose father was listed as John Marsh. (There's also an interesting story or two there.)

Francis Alexander Barrow and Sarah Barrow nee Marsh had the following children: Ann Catlin Barrow, Eastmond Barrow, Sarah Barrow, Alexander Waldron Barrow, Eleanor Barrow, John James Barrow, Francis Thomas Barrow, Robert George Barrow, William Trotman Barrow and Henry Barrow. The family moved to Bath, England, specifically No. 12 Henrietta Street.

Francis Alexander Barrow's parents were: James Barrow and Elizabeth Barrow nee Waldron, whose father was Humphrey Waldron.

When Henry Barrow of St. George died, his will written in 1743 gave the names of his wife, Elizabeth, his sons William, Henry, John and James, and a daughter Mary. Henry is believed to have been the owner of the plantation known as "Cottage" in St. George. Henry and Eliza's grandsons, John Henry and George, purchased Sunbury Plantation in about 1775.

Henry's father is believed to be Thomas Barrow the Junior, born in England in 1632, immigrating to Barbados in 1680. Thomas Barrow's father is believed to be Thomas Barrow the Senior, linen draper (skinner) who died in 1682 and is buried at Bexley Church, Kent, England. Thomas Barrow the Senior's father is believed to be Issac Barrow of Spinney Abbey in Wicken. Issac's father was surgeon Phillip Barrough/Barrow from Suffolk, England, who sold Spinney Abbey to Henry Cromwell. Phillip's father was John Barrogh/Barrow of Suffolk. His father was Henery Barrow, believed to be descended out of the famly of Abaurugh/Abborrough in Hampshire, England.

But going back to Reginald Barrow - he placed a memorial on the wall in St. Cyprian's Church to his daughter Minnie. Reginald's son Ernest Harnett Barrow was my grandfather. Ernest married Winnie Blades, daughter of Coleridge Blades and Ida Clarke Tudor. Ernest and Winnie moved to Puerto Rico, where my mother, Winifred Joan Barrow, was born.

And there's more, of course.


PostPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:21 pm
by markthornhill
Francis Alexander Barrow was my great great grandfather!


PostPosted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:26 am
by Leslie Cale
Who was your great grandparent? Do you have any additional info on Francis Alexander?