BEVERHOUDT (von/van), Adam - USVI

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BEVERHOUDT (von/van), Adam - USVI

Postby santel » Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:10 pm

On the 1881 British Census I have a record of my ancestor Adam von Beverhoudt being born - "West Indies Santa ?Croix?, Danish ?Islands?" - the Croix and Islands are guesses as the ink is smudged. Any suggestions about where to confirm his birth?

His sons were named James Mandeville v B, Adrian Augustus v B and William Trend Hamlyn v B. Daughters Helena Augusta, Gertrude and Katherine Louisa Amelia. (I add these as some of the children were named for their mother's family, so others must have been named for their father's side)

Jim has sent me a reference to Lt Adam Beverhoudt's marriage in St Michael, Barbados to Elizabeth Carter - we have record of his marriage to 1st Helena Jackson in Ireland, who died after a year and then Augusta Hamlyn with whom he had 6 children in England.

His son William came to Australia, married Mary Benson with whom he had a daughter - my g grandmother - then returned to England where he became a Dr and married Harriet Whittaker.

Hoping someone can shed some light on the West Indies part of my family.
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Re: BEVERHOUDT (von/van), Adam - USVI

Postby santel » Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:30 am

Just updating my request - I have found Adam von Beverhoudt in the Danish West Indies (US Virgin Islands) - he was born 1793 to Johannes von Beverhoudt EZ and Johanna Elizabeth (Wood). His siblings, Pieter b 1790, Gertuyd b 1794, William 1796 and Adrian 1802/5. There may be a Johannes b 1800 and Maria b 1785 but these were not on the document where I found Adam v B. This was a Tax List of persons from Christiansted, 1802, available from

I am now searching for the father of Johannes von Beverhoudt EZ. The EZ means Engelzoon or Engel's son, so I am looking for a Engel von Beverhoudt born (I'm assuming) in the first half of 1700s. I am attaching below the information I have about any Engel vBs around this time and hope someone can confirm a connection with Johannes vB EZ - I'm also looking for a birth date for Johannes.

Steen Thomsen has in his database:
Engel vB b 1740 died 1781, plantation owner St Th, ? and St John, Stipendary Magistrate.

Bapt of Mathys and Neeltje (nee v Beverhoudt) Tarling's son Joris Tarling, 1753, sponsors Engel v B, Pieter v B and Maria v B.

Holsoe: Engel von Brewerhoudt from St Thomas,
at the Frigate Accra May/June 1779 purchased 6 men and a woman for 1850rd.

St Thomas Matricles:
1755-6, 1758 Engel van Beverhoudts Encke (anyone know what this word means?)
town whites: 00:01:00 slaves: 04:01:02;02 (1755:5)
town whites: 00:01:00 slaves: 04:01:02:02 (1756:6)
00:01:00 04:00:03:02 (1758:8)

Ryberg: Beven, Engel, son of Maria guardian capt Goth. v Beverhoudt (no dates)

Thanks for any help.
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Re: BEVERHOUDT (von/van), Adam - USVI

Postby santel » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:46 am

A further update for anyone researching this family. I had a win with a copy of the NEWSLETTER OF THE ST. JOHN HISTORICAL SOCIETY Five Quarters News Volume XVI, Issue 6; April 2016. There was an article about Sara Elisabeth Martin who had a life relationship with Pieter van Beverhoudt, the brother of my ancestor Johannes van Beverhoudt and who are the sons of Engel and Maria van Beverhoudt. This information was provided in an article by Diana Hall who quotes Christensen and Jessen. Sara and Pieter had 11 children and he provided a house for Sara and the children and an inheritance for each of them.
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