BARNES (Joseph King) - St. Kitts

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BARNES (Joseph King) - St. Kitts

Post by AdamCG » Fri Dec 05, 2008 3:35 pm

You may be interested to know that at Trinity College, Cambridge, there are a couple of letters written by J. K. Barnes in 1879, while he was a teacher at Bedford Modern School (in England), to the language scholar W. W. Skeat about Shakespeare.

The following additional information was given to me by Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service:

"Mr. Barnes was a master at Bedford MODERN School (formerly Bedford Commercial School; name changed in 1873), as opposed to the old Grammar school usually known as Bedford School. Both fall under the Harpur Trust charity, and we find it's a perpetual muddle. At any rate, I found him listed in a notebook containing some lists of teachers' salaries, pensions, etc., c. 1880-1905 [ref. HT7/10/1],
on p. 18:
J.K. Barnes; (salary) £165; £55 per term; (remarks) £180 Xmas 1882
on p. 19 his salary is £180, £60 per term, and 'left Xmas 1992'

That record doesn't show how long he'd been at the school, but I suspect he may be the Joseph Barnes who appears with his family as a lodger in the 1881 census in at 30 Gwyn Street (the lodging house belonging to Eliza Humphries, widow), in the parish of Bedford, St. Paul's. The information given is as follows:
Joseph Barnes, lodger, married, 38, school master, born West Indies, St. Kitts.
Marion (wife, 35, b. Germany, Weimar)
and their children Marion, aged 9, b. Wolverhampton; Ethel, 7, b. Prussia, Rheinish; Florence, 5, b. Bedford; Dora, 3, b. Bedford.

A rather interestingly travelled family, and it does give us an idea that they were in Bedford from at least c. 1875-6.

I first checked Alum. Oxon. and Alum. Cantab., without success, but found him in the list of assistant masters for Bedford Modern School in the 1879 'Bedfordshire Almanack and County Handbook' (as one of the asst. masters for the 5th form) noted as having studied at London University.

Page 36 in Andrew Underwood's Bedford Modern School of the Black and Red includes the sentence 'The following year a chemistry class of seven studied Buckmaster's Inorganic Chemistry under the direction of J.K. Barnes....'"

The Bedford Modern School retain most of their records, and if you want you could contact Mr. Richard Wildman, who acts as the school's archivist. The usual method is to be passed on to him via the school:

I should be interested to know where you got you own information from, if you are able to tell me.

Best wishes.

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Re: BARNES Joseph King, St. Kitts

Post by caquart » Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:25 am


I don't know if this will be of help. I have access to some early St. Kitts parish records from the British Library manuscript collection (Shelf # Add 41295S)

For 1795 There is a marriage performed by a Reverend Joseph Barnes Rector of Cayon and Nicola Town. There is another marriage performed by him in 1815.

Researching the Aquart family: Martinique, St.Lucia, Grenada, Jamaica.

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Re: BARNES (Joseph King) - St. Kitts

Post by Lesley » Sun Aug 02, 2015 8:18 pm

It looks as though my original posting about my 5X great grandfather has disappeared leaving just the responses. My fault I fear, for not updating my e-mail details.

He is still very much a brick wall, although I have found out more about him since 2008, so here is an update in case anyone reading has any clues to where to go next.

Joseph King Barnes was born ca.1805. He married the niece of Daniel Gateward Davis Bishop of Antigua, Mary Henrietta Sarah Sharry in Basseterre in 1839. He served on the Grand Jury in St Kitts.

Described as a West India merchant when he died in London in 1871 he left his son, also Joseph King Barnes, £12,000 in his will. The executors of this will were Benjamin Greene and Benjamin Buck Greene from the brewing family of Suffolk.

His son was at school in Ottery St Mary, Devon, England by 1851 along with Daniel Gateward Davis' 3 sons and other WI offspring.

Joseph King Barnes Sr. owned 2 slaves, and is listed in the Slavery Compensation Index produced by University College London.

Joseph King Barnes Jr. married Marion Horrocks, descended from John Horrocks, the Preston cotton magnate in Brussels in 1871. They had 8 children, some born in Europe.

His inheritance was tied up in a reversionary trust, and when a wealthy benefactress died in 1893 he felt the only way to help his family was to shoot himself so that the money could be released.

I have no trace of 7 of his 8 children after his suicide.

I would like to know what records there might be on St Kitts to help find out where Joseph King Barnes originally came from, and if anyone else's family touches upon mine where he is concerned.

Thanks to Jim for reinstating me.

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