BANFIELD, BRADSHAW - Grenada, St. Georges

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Re: BANFIELD, BRADSHAW - Grenada, St. Georges

Post by mysunnyone » Mon Jul 14, 2014 4:23 pm

THANKS! Jim Very helpful! (y)

btw, JPM died 30 Dec 1853 at Brasted

MAYERS, JOHN POLLARD. Adm. pens. (age 18) at St John's, Nov. 24, 1794. (Eldest s. of Joseph and ---, dau. of Dr. Thomas Pollard, of Barbados). B. (Apr. 20, 1777), in Barbados, America. School, Kensington. Kept 5 terms. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Nov. 19, 1793. Call to the Bar, Nov. 8, 1799; Bencher, Nov. 6, 1840; Reader, 1845; Treasurer, 1849. For some time Agent for Barbados. In the Barbados in 1820. Latterly of Brasted, near Sevenoaks, where he died Dec. 30, 1853. Brother of Henry A. (1799); perhaps father of the above [The Rev. John Mayers]. (St John's Coll. Admin, IV. 381; Boase, II. 814; Law Lists; Inns of Court; Middle Temple Bench Book; G. Mag., 1854, I. 221.)

[Source: Alumni Cantabrigienses: A Biographical List of All Known Students, Graduates and Holders of Office at the University of Cambridge from the Earliest Times to 1900, Volume 2: From 1752 to 1900, Part 4: Kahlenberg to Oyler, edited by John Venn, page 375; ... rs&f=false; retrieved July 10, 2014]

Note: text in [square] brackets are my inserts for my records; text in (round) brackets, are from the original entry found .. /B

PS: I have a copy of GOBF, and use it frequently. Thanks for the reference. /B

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Re: BANFIELD, BRADSHAW - Grenada, St. Georges

Post by ternst » Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:42 pm

I'm trying to find information on my great-grandparents, Mary Banfield and Edward Bradshaw from Grenada. I have some US immigration records and census data, but I can't find any information on their genealogy prior to immigrating. I would really like to know their dates of birth and any information about their parents, siblings, etc. It looks like they may have divorced in the 1930s and Edward may have moved back to Grenada, but I'm not sure. I would also like to know where their ancestors came from. I assume England, with Grenada being part of the British West Indies, but I really don't know. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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Re: BANFIELD, BRADSHAW - Grenada, St. Georges

Post by manhamster » Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:29 pm

Joan wrote:Hi Elaine: Don't know how far you've got with your query. As a member of the Banfields of St. Vincent site, I've found a Walcott Thomas Banfield born 1868 in Barbados. As a young child, I recall my Mom referring to a cousin of hers as "Uncle Walter" who lived in Edinborough in St. Vincent and most likely is this Walcott. If you need more information please contact the administrator of The Banfields of St. Vincent Heritage. Thanks....
Is the Banfields of St. Vincent still in existence and does anyone have the site information :?: My maternal great-grandfather is William Alan, the younger brother of Walter Evans. According to my late grandfather, he was not very forthcoming on his childhood in St. Vincent.
-- 'hamster

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