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REID, PRICE, ROBERTS - Jamaica, St. Mary

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:58 pm
by Tamz30

i am trying to find information on my great grandmother Rachel Reid. Her maiden name was Price, but married a Robert Reid on 8/8/1929. My Grandmother Evelyn Reid had Roberts surname, but there was no father recorded on her birth certificate which tells me he was not her father. She was born 19th Feb 1928.

Rachel had other children and neither of them had fathers recorded on their birth certificates, but were born in the presence of someone with the Reid surname. Veria Matilda Price 30/11/1916 (Robert Reid present at birth) Eric Alexander 9/05/1922 (Zedekiah Reid present at birth)
Joseph Price 24/11/1924 (Julian Reid present at birth) Theresa Elizabeth Price 15/06/1914 (Robert Reid Present at birth) and Lucien Reid who was the son of Robert and Rachel.

I am trying to uncover who the Reids were and what the relationship was between them and my great grand mother. All of the births mentioned took place in the Gayle district of St Mary, Jefferys Town is where she resided.