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a Roach Plantation on Antigua?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:23 pm
by stampman
I have traced my Great Grandfather to the British West Indies. It is said he boarded a ship, perhaps as a stowaway, after an argument and ended up in Newfoundland, Canada.

Working with several cousins we have found one Abraham Roach who we believe is Great Grandfather's Grandfather. The story goes that he ran a plantation on Barbados, however we found information that about 27 people listed in the slave registers of former British Colonial dependencies beginning in 1812-1834 carry the name of Abraham Roach as their other name.

We believe this might be our great great great grandfather. We would be interested in any information that tells about a plantation on Antigua formerly owned or run by Abraham Roach.

All of the former Slaves gave their residence as Antigua, not Barbados. Many of these folks were born in the late 1700's and early 1800's. It also listed a St. Paul Parish, possibly a church or subdivision of the Island.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

Joe Higgins, going as stampman