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RICHMOND - St Lucia, Castries

PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:17 pm
by Ray Smith
RICHMOND – St Lucia, Castries

Ray Smith. My wife's father Conrad Richmond was born in Castries St Lucia in May 1932 and I am trying to trace his ancestors. I've been told family reminiscences which refer to ancestors and family lines with surnames Richmond, De Guise, Hancock and James all from St Lucia dating back to the mid 1870s. What I'm hoping to find is some documentary or third-party evidence to confirm what I've got and to be able to trace the lines further back.

Key individuals I have some information on include:

Conrad Rudy Joseph RICHMOND b. 12 May 1932 Castries, St Lucia, d. 25 Mar 2008 Kings College Hospital, London (brother Denis Roland RICMOND and 2 sisters, Joyce RICHMOND and Charlotte Teresa Delia RICHMOND)


Oliver Richard RICHMOND b. 4 Apr 1900 Castries, St Lucia, d. 6 Jul 1962 Jamaica. Accountant. Customs clerk to District Officer of Micoud and Dennery. Chief Clerk, Audit Office Castries, Prior to the 1948 fire, was acting Colonial Treasurer and sat on several governing bodies of the Government, the Legislative Council Executive and Finance Committees Retired from position of Examiner of Accounts in Grenada at age 49. Joined Geest Industries as their Chief Accountant or Auditor.
Gladys Lucie Thebelle HANCOCK b 6 Feb 1904 Soufriere, St Lucia, d. 15 Mar 1976 Baddesley Ensor, Warwickshire

Father’s Parents;

James Charles RICHMOND, b. about 1875 (father DE RICHEMOND, mother Carmelise DE GUISE, sister Therese DE RICHEMOND)
Pommone ST JOUR (father ST JOUR, sister Lilly ST JOUR and brother Delandro ST JOUR))

Mother’s Parents;

Claire Phyotte JAMES (father St. Ange JAMES b. France, grandfather DE JACQUES, mother Charlotte, 4 brothers Philip, Augustin, Raymond and George. Ran the Estate called 'Aux Etangs' in Soufriere, which she had inherited on the death of her parents, Mere Charlotte & St. Ange James, and she relied on one of her brothers, Raymond, to help her handle the estates. She had also inherited a large home in the town of Soufriere.)

Hope someone can help.

Re: RICHMOND - St Lucia, Castries

PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:17 am
Delia used to work for the Jamacian ambassador to UNESCO in Paris but I am told that she retired and lives in Canada - perhaps with her sister Joyce in Toronto? Unfortunately I have forgotten her sister's married name.

Re: RICHMOND - St Lucia, Castries

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:42 pm
by Ray Smith
Dear CEBFW. Joyce RICHMOND married John O'KEEFFE in Castries, St Lucia in 1951