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Reid, Jamaica - Manchester

PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 5:07 pm
Does anyone have anyone have any info on the Reids from Davyton Manchester?
My great grandfather was called David Reid he married Sarah Fuller.
They had 13 children including my grandmother Esenet florentina Simpson known as Charlotte.

Re: Reid, Jamaica - Manchester

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:15 pm
by annemr
There are Reids in my family tree, also from Manchester.

Mary Ann McConnell married Hugh Reid. They had four sons and a daughter:
William born 9th October, 1808 baptised 25th August, 1809
David McConnell Reed born 8th August, 1810 at Moco Plantation, parish of Clarendon
Hugh born 30th November, 1812 at Bloomfield Plantation, parish of Vere
became Reverend Hugh Reid, Island Curate – wife – Mary Elizabeth
Son – Hugh Aubrey Duncan Reed – baptised 21 Mar, 1844 Parish of Vere
Daughter – Mary Elizabeth – born 3 Jan, 1853, baptised by her father Feb 20, 1853
Charles born December 21, 1817 baptised Jan 20, 1818
Elizabeth Howell Reid born Feb 21st, 1820 baptised Mar 6, 1820

Both David and Hugh were baptised at Brumalia on 22nd September, 1815.

The baptism entry before theirs occurred on the same day at Brumalia:
John Reed Hollingsworth, born 7th June, 1811, the son of David Hollingsworth Esquire of Brumalia Coffee Plantation in the parish of Vere in Carpenters Mountains and of Ann, his wife (who was the daughter of William Reid Senior, Esquire, late of White Chapel in the parish of Clarendon, and of Mary (his wife)
The baptism entry immediately following David and Hugh is:
George Turner Reed, born on 8th December, 1813 at Green Pond in the parish of Clarendon, the son of George Reed Esquire now of Retrieve Coffee Plantation in the parish of Vere, and of Temperance, his wife, the daughter of George Brown Esquire and Mary Cox??, his wife…
35 negroes were then baptised and are recorded as belonging to David Hollingsworth (including a John Reed)
6 negroes were baptised belonging to Hugh Reed (including a William McConnell and a Maria Reed) as well

I hope some of these names help...

Re: Reid, Jamaica - Manchester

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:31 pm
Thanks for your post, I will go through the names and see if anything I have match up.
Thanks again for taking the time to reply.