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Trinidad Records c1794

PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2008 12:41 pm
by Abygail
Could anyone tell me if there are records available for BDM between app 1790 through to 1796 for Trinidad? Trying to find something anything re the birth of a Gilbert Robertson Born 10 Dec 1794 to Gilbert Robertson of Cromarty Scotland and unknown mother. There were uncles to the father in and around Essquebo, Jamaica, British Guiana early 1800's (John and George Robertson) brothers to the Rev Harry Robertson of Cromarty Scotland. Please read my post re Robertson's.
Am I right in guessing Trinidad was under Spainish control at that time?[i]I have since been in touch with the Spainish Archives and according to the contact I had, they don't seem to hold records either for the specific birth of Gilbert Robertson or births in general. My translation from Spanish to English wasn't the best.[/i]
Where might the records be today if they still exist?