PIQUETTE - Trinidad and Tobago, Santa Cruz

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PIQUETTE - Trinidad and Tobago, Santa Cruz

Post by Ludgar » Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:41 pm

I know very little about my family on my father's side. His parents divorced the year he was born (1928). He never met his father. We know that my grandfather lived in Bourg Mulatresse and had two girls with the woman he lived with and died when the children were under 5 years old. They have no pictures and very little information.

I came across in the slave registry that on Jean Baptiste Piquette who lived in Laventille owned 4 slaves and they were registered by Marguerite Piquette in 1815. At times the name was spelt Pequette and at present it is how I spell my name because my father was not sure about the spelling.

I do not know if Marguerite was the wife or daughter of Jean Baptiste.

My father's name is John Gilbert Kenny Pequette and my name is Nigel Pequette. Please let me know if anyone knows more about the Piquette family in Trinidad.

My paternal grandmother maiden name was Pampellone.

My paternal grandfather's name may have been Real Piquette.

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