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Postby Tamz30 » Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:03 pm


I am a Gayle living in the UK and trying to trace my ancestry. I have uncovered plenty of information and have discovered that I am related to the surnames mentioned in the subject box. I am trying to find any long lost relatives so if any of this information sounds familiar please to get at me.

My grandfather was Esau Gayle born Esau Gale 23/04/1919 in the Newell District of st Elizabeth, Jamaica. His parents were Rosalin and David Gale. Not married but had the same surname. I believe they are descendants of the Gale slaves, as the Gales were in Jamaica since the 1600's and acquired wealth through owning properties and plantations for a number of generations. I have not yet made a formal connection, but hope to do so when I visit Jamaica.

I would like to know when and why Gale turned into Gayle. Rosalin and David were Gales but on their death certificates they are Gayle's. Rosalin is recorded to have died 19/08/1940 in Newell.

There are 2 other registered births coming from my great grand parents. Matilda Gale born April 1917 and Theodore Gale born 10/09/1911. Both births in Newell. I know my great grandparents had more than 3 children, but the 3 mentioned are the only records I can find on the family search website.

esau Gayle moved to Manchester Uk where he met my grandmother Edith Mcdonald. Her parents were Adonijah Mcdonald and Beatrice Spence. She married Adonijah so died a Mcdonald. There are 6 children recorded for My great grandparents. Edith Mcdonald - 7/3/1923, Evelyn Mcdonald 23/12/1928, Luther Mcdonald 26/7/1926, Blanche May Mcdonald 17/5/1925 (died aged 4 of fever), Lunar Mcdonald dob unknown, Herman Mcdonald 1942 (died aged 1 of fever).

All children were born in the district of Thompson Town in the parish of Clarendon. Lunar Mcdonald married Doriel Pinnock 11/01/1939 in Blackwoods, Clarendon. This is where the Pinnock relation comes in. His father was called Joseph Pinnock.

My great great grandfathers have been recorded as Ebeneezer Spence - Beatrice's father and Robert Douglas - Adonijah's father. This has been confirmed by their marriage certificate.

If any of this information sounds familiar to you please respond.
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