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PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:04 pm
by Hugh
In the Seychelles recently, I came across reference to a Reverend Robert Henry Pickwood (an Anglican minister). Pickwood is a frequent mis-spelling of the family name Pickwoad and some research soon proved this to be the case.

The background is:

Robert Williams Pickwoad (1776-1834) was Chief Justice on St Kitts and married Sophia (a natural daughter (I cannot discover who her mother was!) She was joint heiress (with his legitimate daughter Harriett) of John Pogson a well-known St Kitts plantation owner).

Among their many other children, Robert Williams and Sophia Pickwoad had a son -

Edwin Pickwoad (Born:10 September 1810 in St Kitts Baptised: 29 September 1810 (Register of St Thomas, Middle Island) Married: Janet Williamson (d.1883) on 17 July 1846 in St Kitts. Edwin was Superintendent of Police in St Kitts from 11 June 1840. He had cholera in 1854 and again in 1855-6 so on account of his health, he sought a transfer to Victoria Australia in 1857 and ended up in Shanghai. He died in England in 1866.

In the Seychelles archives, I discovered Reverend Robert Pickwood was recorded at his marriage on 17 Oct 1867 to be aged 23 making his DoB 1844. He was the son of Edwin Pickwood of St Kitts and his mother's name was given as RIMS? Helena. Clearly there is a transcription problem but it is nothing like WILLIAMSON Janet who did not get married to Edwin until 2 years later!

I suspect Robert's baptism would have been recorded and as he used the name Pickwood he may have been legitimate but even if not was obviously acknowledged but I did not check the register that far back when I visited.

Can anyone help please?

Hugh Rose