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PEREIRA, Emanuel Antonio-(1872-1942) of Antigua, St. John's

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:11 pm
by dartwannabe
PEREIRA, Emanuel Antonio-(1872-1942) of Antigua, St. John's (Dam Gutter).
My name is Melanie Pereira, his granddaughter. This is what I haveā€¦.

Was a Cricket Umpire + Odd Fellow (and was Lodge Chaplain for Lodge on Ratcliffe St.)
Worked for Dept. Health (Sanitation?)- after retirement worked at Bryson's Dept. Store in Hardware Dept.

Father of: (possibly) Clarice Winter
Llewellyn Pereira
Francis Pereira
Muriel Pereira
Kenneth Pereira
Cecil Thomas Pereira
Seems there exists a STRONG connection to Gomes, Vieira, Gouveia + De Quintal Families especially. (Have link to McCarthy (et al) site-but am still wondering how we actually fit.)

Have been trying to locate a copy of a PHOTO of Emanuel with 3 other Cricket Umpires: Messrs. Evanson, Peters + Spencer which is KNOWN to have existed. Also a photo of the Odd Fellows marching in a St. John's parade- Emanuel carrying the Bible.
Any help, info, advice greatly appreciated.