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yvonne emanuel
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Post by yvonne emanuel » Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:38 pm

I prepared a spreadsheet identifing the documents needed, who for, and even the location of a few that I already obtained.

I had no luck with the Castries Registrars's office for more than a year, so I contacted the Office of Legal Affairs. They recived my emailed attachment, and I am told that progress is being made and that I will be contacted.

I too am tring to locate church, school, etc. documents for family members.

Moore and Pollard surnames.

There was also a "Deed Poll" filed to change the children's name from Moore (mother's surname) to Pollard (father's surname). This was done when the oldest daughter and the others needed to travel from St. Lucia to Panama where they (the children) started their own families. Emanuel, Neverson, LaMotte, Pienada etc....
DeLaMotte, LaMotte, LaMothe, Belfon,Pollard, Moore (Grenada, Panama. Barbados St Lucia)...Agusta Moore and Mr. Pollard ,Barbados, moved to St. lucia had 4 or 5 children one named Roselind Pollard born 1898. married a Louis LaMotte Jr. in Panama

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Post by RitaK » Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:32 pm

Hello I am trying to get information ans my Children's gggg grandparents they were Samuel and Ellen MOORE.

I believe that Samuel and Ellen married in Kingston, Jamaica in March 1853, and then boarded the Glentanner for Melbourne, Australia (via Bermuda, Bahia (Brazil) and Algoa Bay (South Africa) on 10 April 1853. Charles Glentanner Moore my great grandfather was born at sea during the 3 month trip.

Mary Elizabeth was then their first Australian child, born at Ballarat in 1856.

Their daughter was Susannah (Susan ) Louisa MOORE, I believe she married Carl Heinrich Johannes PETERS.

I would appreciate any help you can give.
Many thanks


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Post by DonnaR » Thu Nov 05, 2015 8:25 am

I am the great great granddaughter of Samuel Edward Moore who came to Australia on the Glentanner ship from Jamaica in 1853. Samuel was a Mechanical Engineer living in Ballart, I have a wonderful photo of him with one of his daughters and an invention he created back in 1870.

My family records indicate that his wife Ellen Moore (nee Tucker) came over on the same ship and gave birth to a son 'Charles Glentanner Moore'. No shipping records I have found in Australia indicate this so far, they only say that Samuel arrived on the Glentanner. Charles is the oldest brother to my grandmothers father Samuel Edward Moore (B1869 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia).

My Grandmother inherited many photos which date back to the early 1850's but alas not many have names on them, some are obvious though as Samuel or Ellen Moore’s Creole heritage is defiantly passed down to their daughters with the nappy hair (afro) and dark skin. If anyone would like to see any of my photographs please let me know I would be happy to share with you.

After my grandmother’s mother died her father Samuel could not look after her and her Aunty Henrietta Julianna Moore (Samuel's older sister) (married Brookes) adopted her thus the reason I have the photos etc.

I have been doing family research since the early 1990s and found the hardest area to find documents is Jamaican records. I am joining this index in the hope of finding more information on where he lived in Jamaica, if he was born in Jamaica or United Kingdom, was Ellen Tucker or Samuel’s family freed slaves, or slave owners, is Ellen’s heritage crossed with Spain... etc.

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