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PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:10 am
by The Hones
Jane Petgrave b. circa 1793 in Jamaica was married to John Alexander Sawers (born March 22, 1793 Manchester Parish, Jamaica - died 1867 Whittingdon, Kingston, Jamaica). They had nine sons: Thomas Sawers b. 1827; John Alexander Sawers b. 1828; Richard Petgrave Sawers b. 1830; Ezekiel Petgrave Sawers b. 1832; Edmond Montague Sawers b. circa. 1834; Robert Edmund Sawers b. circa 1836; Edmund David Sawers b. circa. 1838; Archibald Sawers b. circa. 1840; Benjamin Sawers b. circa 1842.

Ezekiel Petgrave Sawers migrated to Melbourne, Australia and married Frances Elizabeth Evans. Ezekiel was my maternal grandmother's (Peggie May Sawers Graham b. 1921 - 2009) great, great grandfather.

I would like to find any Petgrave or Sawers relatives.