PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

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PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Pablo » Sat Mar 01, 2008 6:55 pm

There's probably a connection. I did research and ran into allied family names Trotman and Barrow.

Here's the report I gave my family about my grandfather, Reginald Evalyn Phillips:

Reginald Evelyn Phillips

In documents (the few that we have), “Grandpa” Phillips signed himself as above, and listed his birth date at July 26, 1885, in Bridgetown, Barbados. From my two days of research at the Barbados Archives I have learned the following:

1. The Barbados index of baptisms listed “Reginald Evalyn Phillips” in the appropriate time period…with no names listed otherwise possible for him. In the actual baptismal records, there was “Reginald Evalyn Phillips” listed again. He was baptised on July 27, 1885 in St. Michael’s Cathedral in Bridgetown, Barbados. The date of birth listed, though, was June 21, 1885. The parents listed, hence my great-grandparents, are “William Abram Phillips and Helena Gertrude (Barrow). William is listed as a “Merchant’s Clerk” and the family is listed as living on Reed Street. Reed Street is a street off the main thoroughfare in downtown Bridgetown, still there today.

2. I next went to all Phillips-named births in the index from years surrounding 1885, looking for other births with William Abram Phillips and/or Helena as parents. I found, in 1883 in the index, and then in the baptismal records, Clement Abram Phillips. Clement was christened on June 30, 1883 in St. Michael’s Cathedral. He was listed as being born on March 30, 1883. The parents listed were William Abram and Helena Gertrude. William is listed as a “clerk.” They were living on Hindsbury Road at that point, in St. Michael’s parish.

I also found Clarence Wyatt Phillips, who was christened on an obscured date at St. Michael’s Cathedral, and listed as born on October 5, 1892. Parents listed were William Abram and Helena Gertrude. William is listed this time as “dispensing of medicines,” and they are listed as living at “Welches Ld.”

These are the only names I found. I searched the records from 1883 until 1894, and conceivably there could be other children, because in 1894, Helena was only 31 years old and William Abram was 29. I stopped because of time constraints.

3. I further checked records for William Abram Phillips and found him listed in the index for 1865. Further in the index records, his baptismal record is listed for “____1865”. No dates are listed. The next researcher should get to actual baptismal records, Volume 41, page 245. William’s parents are listed as Richard Adam Phillips and Anna Maria (Johnson) Phillips. William is listed as being born/baptised in “Christ Church, Barbados.” Christchurch is the parish next to, and south of, St. Michael’s Parish in Barbados. It covers much of the south coast of the island.

4. While in the index, I also found Helena Gertrude Barrow. She was the daughter of William Trotman Barrow and Rebecca Ann (Warren) Barrow. She was baptised on 8 April, 1863. Further researcher should go to actual baptismal record for any further information listed. The microfiche index also listed Helena’s marriage to William Abram Phillips on September 27, 1882, in St. Michael’s Chapel. The chapel is in the apse behind the main altar at St, Michael’s Cathedral, presently, although the present chapel is a later addition. In 1882 it may have been in the same place or off to a side of the Cathedral.

From this we can infer that Helena was approximately 19 years, five months of age at marriage. William was approximately 17 years of age. Clement was born 6 months and three days after the wedding. Helena was, most likely, pregnant three months at marriage, explaining the chapel wedding.
While in the index for Helena, I found she had at least one brother, Reginald Ernest Barrow, listed for 12 June, 1861, born to the same listed names, except the mother is listed as Rebecca Ann Cunningham (Warren) Barrow. Reginald married Elizabeth Alberta Jones on 17 December, 1884.

5. I also found information about William Abram Phillips’ siblings, all children of Richard Adam Phillips and Anna Maria (Johnson) Phillips. Actual baptismal records should be checked for these names at some point.

William Crichlow Phillips was christened on 25 August, 1858 in Christchurch, Barbados.

Ann Elizabeth Christian Phillips was christened on 12 December, 1860 in Christchurch, Barbados. Index also listed her marriage, to Richard Tasmore Walcott, in 1876.
Richard Samuel Phillips was christened on 5 February 1863, in Christchurch, Barbados. Index also listed his marriage to Eloise Ernestine Johnson on 19 April, 1884.
Charles Adam Phillips was christened on 15 September, 1872 in Christchurch.

6. While there, I also checked the index for William Trotman Barrow, father of Helena Gertrude Barrow. I found he was christened on 13 September, 1815, in Christchurch. He is my great-great grandfather, and was the son of Francis Alexander Barrow and Sarah (no listed surname). William is also listed as marrying Rebecca Ann Cunningham Warren on 6 August, 1856. Their son Reginald (above was born 5 years later, and Helena 7 years later. There may be other children, which is for further research.

7. Further research needed:

Richard Adam Phillips and Anna Maria Johnson…there may be birth/death/burial/other records on them, and they must be checked. We’d like to know about further-back parents, and where they came from. In the 1930 census, Reginald listed his parents as coming from “Wales.” There is no evidence of any of that. His actual parents came from Christchurch, Barbados. Perhaps he meant the family came from Wales to Barbados at some point. Perhaps he was making it up.

Other baptismal records should be searched for children of William Abram Phillips and Helena. I found three. Apparently Grandpa Phillips indicated that he had many siblings (my father’s recollection). I can find only three, so far.

We have no information about what happened to the rest of these uncovered names. I did not check burial/death records, or any other records. The whole family may have left Barbados, or may have died there. I checked only the map of the burial plots on file at St. Michael’s Cathedral, and there was nothing possible listed there. The name "Phillips" was very common on Barbados.
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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Jock » Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:05 am

Hi Pablo,

I am Clement Abram Phillips Great Grandson. It's been a few years since he lived in Barbados.

However, I'm just back from Sandy Lane after a two week holiday. I loved the Island. It felt more like home than a holiday.

Hopefully I will be able to fill you in with Clements heritage line, which are all based in the UK.

All the best

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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Pablo » Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:27 pm


I am Reginald Evalyn Phillips' grandson. Grandpa came to the US around the age of 15 according to family legend. He married Louise Gertrude Wilde of South Boston, an Irish woman and they lived in Weymouth, Massachusetts until his death in the mid 1950's. They had 8 children, five of whom lived to maturity. George died in a car accident at age 18 approximately, Edward and Louise (I believe) died in childhood, family stories say "whooping cough". Adults were Reginald, Leo, Ruth, Eleanor, and my father Joseph Ernest.

On the 1933 US. census he listed his family as coming from Wales, though he listed himself as coming from Barbados. It turns out the family was in Barbados for a few generations.

By the way, Reginald registered when he came to the US but he never became a citizen and was, after the initial permission ran out, an "illegal alien".

Paul Phillips

ps. since you are Clement's progeny, I'll be checking this site more often than I have over the last four years.
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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Jock » Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:21 pm

Hi Paul,

Clement Abram Phillips moved to the UK and joined the Army.

Whilst based in Liverpool he married and had one son.

Reginald George Phillips. (My Grandfather)

R G Phillips married my Gran Florence (Taite)

They had three sons and one girl

Reginald Valentine Phillips (My Dad) and twin Clement Andrew Phillips (DOB 14/02/1931), Terry then Percy Phillips.

Reg V Phillips passed away 2 years ago.

My Mother (Scottish Connection) and your other three cousins are still alive and in their 70's.

The list from here spreads out quite a lot.

all the best

Fraser Campbell Phillips
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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Pablo » Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:48 pm

Clement's younger brother's (Reggie's) children are all gone except my father, Joseph Ernest, born in 1924, and now in Florida. I have cousins in Maine, Vermont, Hawaii, Kentucky, Illinois (near St. Louis), and elsewhere. Ernest's kids are in Massachusetts (2) and Florida (2). I am the second child.

Amazing how often Reginald comes up! I did some research while on vacation (holiday) in Barbados, perhaps three years ago. We knew practically nothing of the Phillips family. We used Grandpa's recollected (and incorrect) date of birth on his tombstone. He himself spelled his middle name Evelyn, but woe betide anyone who pronounced that as the woman's name. His records show "Evalyn" as his middle name. My father recollects a visit, when he was a child, of an uncle, he thinks was named 'George'. Do you know more of Clement's siblings?
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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Leslie Cale » Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:01 am

I know this section is for Phillips, but Henry Trotman Barrow and Reginald Ernest Barrow were mentioned. Reginald Barrow is my great grandfather. I have photos of him and of his father, as well as of wives, children, the Blades, Tudors, Hinkson families as well, if anyone is interested.

I live in Maryland, USA.
Leslie Cale
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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Leslie Cale » Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:58 am

Helene Gertrude Phillips, nee Barrow -- Her siblings were: Christopher Barrow, Reginald Ernest Barrow (my great grandfather), and Lucilla Granville Barrow. Her parents were: William Trotman Barrow (born August 21, 1814) and Rebecca Ann Barrow nee Warren. who died in 1906.

William Trotman Barrow may have worked in the sugar industry, because his second born - Reginald - was born at Pool Plantation in St. John, Barbados. William Trotman Barrow may have been born in British Guiana, and he was one of ten children.

William Trotman's parents were: Francis Alexander Barrow and Sarah Barrow nee Marsh, whose father was listed as John Marsh. (There's also an interesting story or two there.)

Francis Alexander Barrow and Sarah Barrow nee Marsh had the following children: Ann Catlin Barrow, Eastmond Barrow, Sarah Barrow, Alexander Waldron Barrow, Eleanor Barrow, John James Barrow, Francis Thomas Barrow, Robert George Barrow, William Trotman Barrow and Henry Barrow. The family moved to Bath, England, specifically No. 12 Henrietta Street.

Francis Alexander Barrow's parents were: James Barrow and Elizabeth Barrow nee Waldron, whose father was Humphrey Waldron.

When Henry Barrow of St. George died, his will written in 1743 gave the names of his wife, Elizabeth, his sons William, Henry, John and James, and a daughter Mary. Henry is believed to have been the owner of the plantation known as "Cottage" in St. George. Henry and Eliza's grandsons, John Henry and George, purchased Sunbury Plantation in about 1775.

Henry's father is believed to be Thomas Barrow the Junior, born in England in 1632, immigrating to Barbados in 1680. Thomas Barrow's father is believed to be Thomas Barrow the Senior, linen draper (skinner) who died in 1682 and is buried at Bexley Church, Kent, England. Thomas Barrow the Senior's father is believed to be Issac Barrow of Spinney Abbey in Wicken. Issac's father was surgeon Phillip Barrough/Barrow from Suffolk, England, who sold Spinney Abbey to Henry Cromwell. Phillip's father was John Barrogh/Barrow of Suffolk. His father was Henry Barrow, believed to be descended out of the famly of Abaurugh/Abborrough in Hampshire, England.

But going back to Reginald Barrow - he placed a memorial on the wall in St. Cyprian's Church to his daughter Minnie. Reginald's son Ernest Harnett Barrow was my grandfather. Ernest married Winnie Blades, daughter of Coleridge Blades and Ida Clarke Tudor. Ernest and Winnie moved to Puerto Rico, where my mother, Winifred Joan Barrow, was born.

And there's more, of course.
Leslie Cale
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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Tiffany Taylor » Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:44 pm

Hi Leslie,

Winnie Blades would be my great grandfather's sister (great (great) aunt?)

Herbert 'Coleridge' Blades and Ida Clarke Tudor, would be my great great grandparents

I have Tudor lineage meandering (through mothers, and fathers) all the way up to and past King Henry II..

I would be interested in any Blades family photos you have. I have pictures of some of Winnie's siblings that I recently scanned from my grandmother's old photo album. And of Herbert Neville Blades (winnie's brother, my great grandfather)'s children

Interested in hearing from you on this.
Tiffany Taylor
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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Leslie Cale » Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:57 am

Okay, so you are probably a generation younger than I. Coleridge and Ida were my great grandparents. I do have a lot of photos and I'd love to see yours and anything you have on the Tudors. But didn't I read somewhere on this site that they don't want us to post our e-mail addresses? Are you on Facebook?
Leslie Cale
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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby bimjim » Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:00 am

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In a PM you may say anything you wish... including email addresses. There is a reason for not allowing email addresses in public, and suffice it to say that over a decade of doing this stuff has shown me (and the affected users) - the hard way - that the restriction is necessary. Only one of those lessons was a steady increase over a short time to in excess of 6,000 SPAM in my Inbox a DAY (and rapidly rising)... but there are other negatives associated with emails in public.

Best of luck with your connections...

Jim Lynch
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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Leslie Cale » Mon Apr 25, 2011 2:01 am

Wow. That's a darned good reason! :)
Leslie Cale
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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Jellybaby » Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:26 pm

I read the above thread with interest. I have helped a relative to trace her mother's lineage. Her mother was Annie Violet Phillips, born 1899 Barbados, and her birth certificate shows her father as William Abram Phillips and mother as Helena Gertrude nee Barrow. William's occupations was noted as "druggist". They lived in Black Rock, and she was christened in the James Street Wesleyan Church of St Michael. Annie Violet came to the UK to the Liverpool area - not sure when - but she married James Boland in Feb 1922 when she was 22 in Everton, Liverpool. They had 2 daughters - Annie Audrey (1922 -2002) and Blanche (born Feb 1926) Blanche is still alive, and is my father's 2nd cousin on her father's side.
I note that Annie Violet's brother Clement Abram also came to Liverpool so wonder if that is why she came here.

Unfortunately Blanche has very few memories of her mother, as she went into an "asylum" shortly after Blanche was born, and tragically stayed there till she died in 1969. (We suspect it may have been post natal depression, but will never know now). Blanche and Audrey spent some time in an orphanage before being taken in by relatives.

I know Blanche would be thrilled to hear of any family connections, especially in the Liverpool area as she has no knowledge of her mother's side of the family.

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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Pablo » Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:26 pm

Annie Violet is my great aunt. Clement is my great Uncle, as is Clarence Phillips. My grandfather, Reginald Evalyn, may have left Barbados before or soon after Anie Violet was born, if family legends of his arrival are correct (so much isn't, and he was not forthcoming...).

Paul Joseph Phillips
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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Stevenson » Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:49 pm

The family of Richard Adam and Anna Maria (Johnson) Phillips - A work in process.

1. Richard Adam Phillips was born circa 1830 in Barbados and died there 12 November1872 at St. Michael’s Parish. He married Anna Maria Johnson 12 December 1854 at Christ Church Parish. She was baptized at St Michaels on 12 April 1837. She came with other family members ( see Bark Ashandee manifest)to the US in 1885, died in Boston on 2 February 1923 and is buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Boston. Richard Adam Phillips parents have not been found. Anna Maria Johnson was the daughter of William Johnson and Ann Thomas Hoyte, baptized 19 Dec 1809 at St Michaels. They were married 29 Aug 1830 at St Michaels.

Richard Adam and Anna Maria Phillips had the following children:

i. Richard Edwin Augustus Phillips was born on15 Dec 1855 in Barbados. He married Eva Larenza Chase on 20 June 1877 in Christ Church Barbados. She was baptized on 13 Jan 1854. She was the daughter of William Henry Chase and Sophia Chase. They had a son, Richard Edgerton Archibald Phillips born 14 August 1886, and baptized 9 Sept 1886 in Barbados. Both Richard Edwin Augustus Phillips (a widower) and his son Richard Edgerton Archibald Phillips (unmarried and called “Archie”) came to the US between 1900 and 1910, and both resided with Richard Samuel Phillips in 1910 in Medford, MA (see 1910 US Census). Richard Edwin Augustus Phillips arrived Philadelphia 23 Aug. 1907 aboard the SS Grenada from Port o Spain, Trinidad. Archie arrived 4 May 1907 also from Port o Spain, Trinidad aboard the US Hancock. (see copies of alien passenger lists). Archie married Grace Elizabeth Devine, daughter of Thomas Henry Devine and Josephine Miner, on 2 Feb 1912 in Malden, MA. They had 5 children: Ralph E., Edwin A., Norman H., Frederick D. and Shirley E. (see copies of 1920-1930 census). Archie died in 1960 in Medford, MA.

ii. William Crichlow Phillips, born 18 June 1858 and baptized 25 Aug 1858. ???

iii. Ann Elizabeth Christian Phillips, born 5 Oct 1860 and baptized 12 Dec 1860 at St. Mathias, Christ Church. She married Richard Pasmore Walcott 28 June1876 at St. Michaels. He was born 28 June 1856, son of Edward Bruce Walcott. They had several children: Lillian Aubrey, baptized 4 Feb. 1877; Kenneth Brace, Philip Daxon, Frank Edward, and Eustace Clare all baptized 3 May 1884. Anne, Richard, Lillian, Frank, Kenneth and Philip all came to Cambridge MA from Barbados (via New York) aboard the Basil on 25 May 1895. US census for 1900 lists this family as residing in Boston, MA. Richard committed suicide by gunshot to the head 3 Nov 1903 (Massachusetts Archives). The family remained in the Boston area though the 1910,-20 and -30 US census.

iv. Richard Samuel Phillips was born on 23 Nov 1862 in Barbados. He was baptized on 5 February 1863 at Christ Church Parish. He came to the US in August 1879, and returned to Barbados to be married. He died on 22 May 1958 in Braintree, MA and is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford. He married Eloise Ernestine Johnson, daughter of Samuel William Tegg Johnson and Elizabeth Jane Griffith on 19 April 1884 at St. Michaels Parish, Barbados. When Richard and Eloise came to the US is unknown. Both Samuel and Elizabeth came to the US aboard the Bark Ashandee in 1885, and are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Medford ( same plot as Richard, Eloise and Engel baby). Eloise Ernestine Johnson, daughter of Samuel William Tegg Johnson and Elizabeth Jane Griffith was born on 06 Feb 1866 in Barbados. She died on 01 Apr 1933 in Medford, MA and is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford. 1900,-10,-20,-30 US census available.
Richard Samuel and Eloise Ernestine Phillips had 12 children: Samuel Tegg born 1885, Edith E. born 1887, Rosemond born1886, Richard Edwin born1889, George Arthur born 1890, Grace born 1892(died in infancy), Herbert Allen born 1894, Gladys Louise born1895, Marion born 1897, Mabel born1898, Wendell born 1900 and Marjorie born 1901.

v. William Abram Phillips, born 8 Nov 1864. He married Helena Gertrude Barrow on 27 Sept1882 at St. Michaels. She was born 8 Apr1863 and was the daughter of William Trotman Barrow and Rebecca Ann Cunningham Warren. They had five children while in Barbados.: Clement Abram Phillips baptized 3 June 1883, Reginald Evalyn Phillips, baptized 25 July 1885, Daisey Elder Phillips baptized 11 Oct. 1886, William Abram Phillips baptized 11 Jan 1891, and Annie Violet Phillips baptized 8 Dec 1899. William Abram Phillips Sr. !!! is found (Massachusetts Archives) at age 39 born in Barbados, father and mother being Richard Adam Phillips and Anna Maria Johnson and marrying for the first time on 15 Sept 1906 in Boston, Alice E. Whalen, age 22, daughter of Bartholomew Whelan and Catherine Drummey. The 1910 US census list this couple with 2 children ( Katherine M age 3 and John R age 1 3/12) at 168 Bunker Hill St, Boston, MA. In both records his occupation is druggist. William Abram’s arrival in the US has not been found but census record indicates he came in 1903. Son Reginald arrived in New York from Surinam 30 June 1903 age 16 aboard the Piemonte listed as going to see his father and contact R. S. Phillips at Milk St. Boston*. Reginald married Grace G. Wilde 3 Oct 1907 in Boston and the 1910 census lists Reginald and Louise in Boston with child Edward Phillips age 3/12. A WWI draft registration card for Reginald has the family living at 230 Arlington St., Medford, Ma. with Reginald’s occupation as machinist at Tufts College. Reginald and family are found in the 1920 and 1930 US census living in Massachusetts.
Annie Violet Phillips went to England and married 11 Feb1922 James Boland.
* Note: This is my grandfather Richard Samuel Phillips, who worked at Milk St. at that time.

vi. Selina Annie Lizette Phillips, baptized 8 Jan 1867. She married John Henry Green Richards 21 June 1883 at Christ Church. He was baptized 23 Dec 1853 at Christ Church. His parents were William and Elizabeth Richards. This family with many children is found living in Boston, MA in the 1900 US census, as well as in the US census for 1910,-20,-30.

vii. Ella Bertha Phillips, born 20 Aug 1869. She came to the US aboard the Ashandee in 1885. She married William Rupert Farnum 6 June1888 in Boston, MA. He was born in Barbados in 1861 and arrived in the US in 1883. At the 1900 census, this family is living in Boston with 4 children: Ida, Philip, Vivian and Frederick. Also there is Anna Maria Phillips. This family is also found in the 1910,-20 and -30 census. Anna Maria Phillips died in Feb 1923.

viii. Charles Adam Phillips 21 June 1872. He came to the US aboard the Ashandee in 1885. He married Mary E. Brum in 1894, and is found living with the Brum family at the1900 census in Medford, MA. At that time, Charles and Mary had 2 sons, Chester A., born Dec 1894 and Charles P. born Mar 1897. At the 1910 census, Charles P. Phillips age 13 and another son, Vernon B. Phillips age 5 are with the Brums in Medford, while Charles Adam Phillips, a widower lived in Boston with his oldest son Chester A.,age 15. At the 1920 census, the three brothers, Chester A. , Charles P. and Vernon B. are living with the John McNulty family in Medford, MA. John McNulty’s wife is the former Georgietta Brum.
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Re: PHILLIPS - Barbados, Bridgetown, Christ Church

Postby Pablo » Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:06 pm

Thanks for that wealth of information!

Reginal Evalyn Phillips married Louise Gertrude Wilde. Your account says Grace. They moved to Weymouth, Massachusetts and most of their children were born there.
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