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PURCELL - Grenada

PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 2:18 am
by caquart
I'm looking for any information on the husband of Mary Catherine Purcell (maiden name unkown). The children include Richard James, Jane Victoria, William Joseph and Mary Arabella. Jane Victoria Purcell was the second wife of my ancestor, Peter Francis Aquart. I'd like to know her father's name and a bit about the family.

Mary Catherine Purcell's will can be found on Film# 1563489 28 February, 1918 Register 96 pages 387-390.

She died 15 August 1917. She was a resident of "Constantine" in the Parish of Saint George in the island of Grenada. In her will she left the following:

1. To her grandson Joseph Alexander Purcell, 20 pounds.
2. To her grand daughter Ruth, wife of Victor de Fereira, 5 pounds.
3. The lot of land known as "La Marthe" (could be La Mothe) formerly part of the Beaulieu Estate in St. George was left to her son Richard James Purcell.
4. Her house in Melville Street in the town of St. George was left to her daughters, Jane Victoria Aquart and Mary Arabella Purcell. Mary Arabella's part was to be left to her daughter Elizabeth Naomi Purcell(***Naomi Purcell moved to Jamaica and married Carl Marzink.).
5. The "spare lot" in Melville St. was left to her son, Richard James Purcell.
6. To her daughter Elizabeth, wife of James K. Lessey was left the portion of "Constantine" commonly called "Jalouse" and "Souci".
7. To grandson John Alexander Purcell all the portion of Constantine held by tenants that adjoins and abutts with the land upon which the Wesleyan chapel is erected.
8. To her grand daughter Clara Elizabeth, daughter of Richard James Purcell, the portion of Constantine known as "George Lynch."
9. To daughter Mary Arabella, the portion of Constantine known as "Under Jane" and after her death to Elizabeth Naomi.
10. To son, William Joseph Purcell, one chain of Constantine from the ridge of the Public Main Rd. to the Anandale bye Road.
11. The rest and residue of Constantine with dwelling and all other personal estate to daughter Jane Victoria Aquart her heirs and assigns.

The executors were Richard James Purcell and Jane Victoria Aquart.
Witnesses: S.H. Hancock, Planter. Isaac Munro, shopkeeper

A Codicil was added.

"La Marthe" now left to daughter Mary Arabella, grand daughter Clara and great grandsons John Doston Carberry and Richard James Carberry in equal shares.

It's interesting to note that John Doston Carberry (later Sir John Carberry) went to Jamaica and was Chief Justice at one point.

Re: PURCELL - Grenada

PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:35 pm
by KathyJ
Hi now im wondering if john alexander pucell the grandson was related to me, as my great great great grandfather was Alexander john Purcell, his son was Alexander john and my great grandfather also Alexander john. My great great grandfather was born West Indies Jamaica 1830 and came to Australia, had my great grandfather, whom raised a family in Fremantle western Australia, which was my grandfather, being the youngest of 4 children. I have pictures if youde like to see.

Re: PURCELL - Grenada

PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 4:21 am
by caquart
Jane Victoria Purcell did move to Jamaica with her husband, Peter Francis Aquart, but not until the early 1890s. There were Purcell family members living there in the Annotto Bay area (Parish of St. Mary). Do you know which part of the island your ancestors were from? I haven't done much research on this family, so I'm not sure how the Jamaica and Grenada group connect.

Re: PURCELL - Grenada

PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 5:02 am
by KathyJ
Im not sure Purcell is related? who was Josephs parents, because I feel all on my side have the name Alexander John, so he might be related having the name Alexander as a middle.
I just got my info from Ancestry

I did read somewhere recently that, there was a cecelia Matilda Purcell, well my grandads sister was a Cecilia and her sister who passed as a baby was matilida. So i think they would be more related to me, i just need to find that family again.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 4:17 pm
by caquart
Hi Again,

In case you didn't know, all the Jamaican records are available . at

You have to register, but access is free and for the most part images of the original documents are also available for download.

Cheers, Cathy

Re: PURCELL - Grenada

PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 1:56 am
by KathyJ
Thank you Cathy, much appreciated.

I have found my Purcell family as of last night's research, but I'll use this link to back myself that my info is correct