O'CONNOR - Jamaica, Blue Hole, St. Catherine's

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O'CONNOR - Jamaica, Blue Hole, St. Catherine's

Post by beverley » Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:57 pm


I am a new member just trying to start my family tree.

I have to start from my Dad, whose name is Roy Charles O'Connor, born 27 October 1932 in Blue Hole, St Catherines.

His dad's name was Ferdinand O'Connor born 1907 in Point Hill, st catherines.

His (grand?)mother's name was Ella Miller, born in Bellas Gate.

His wife's name - my mother - is Mary Alberta O'Connor, maiden name Bennett, who was born in Top Hill, St Catherines.

I would be grateful for any info any one has to help me get started.

User name Beverley.

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