OGILVIE or OGILVY - Black River, St Elizabeth, Jamaica

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OGILVIE or OGILVY - Black River, St Elizabeth, Jamaica

Postby ERutherford » Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:03 am

I have been scouting the internet for years to resolve an interesting fact my mom (who is 77) told me.

My mother (nee Wallace) surname was changed at some point from Ogilvie to Wallace before she was born. What she was able to remember is that her grandmother and sisters were fair skinned and had ginger hair and were Ogilvies (but Mom says it was spelt O'Gilvy) and that is all that she remembers.

The surname was not changed by marriage, but for another reason which no one alive seems to know. This would help a lot to unravel my origin (mother was also a Portuguese descendant, which I would then be my second project to resolve.)

Any pointers... ?

Kind Regards

Elaine Rutherford
(United Kingdom)
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