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Nix (Nicks) - Barbados

PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:19 pm
by AncientSeaDog
I am seeking information on John Nix (Nicks) who emigrated from England to Barbados in 1634 and owned a plantation there. He lived in Barbados until his death in 1685. I am also interested in any information available on his sons - James and Richard Nix. I will be traveling to Barbados in about three weeks and would like to locate John's gravesite and/or the location of his plantation. Any archival information would be greatly appreciated. I have considerable information on the family line after they left Barbados, but nothing during their tenure there.

Re: Nix (Nicks) - Barbados

PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:56 pm
by bimjim
Wrong year for you, but from Mary Gleadall's Caribbean Family History. The new URL is

Barbados, Westbury Cemetery

Name . . . Date . . . Age . Birth Place
Nix,John . 1887-3-8 . 28 . St. Michael

Abode: . . . General Hospital
Minister: . . Durant, J N
Reference: 85/87

There are no other tombstone/burial records there for any NIX, and the site is not working.

If you wish, a competent researcher in Barbados I recommend who knows intimately all of the resources available is Dr. Patricia Stafford, B.A., PhD, phone 1-246-428-2103, or by email through the contact form here...

I assume you have already searched the internet and found these pages... ... 258&page=4 ... 04/mb.ashx

There are many more... I Googled using the keywords "john nix plantation barbados 1685"


Jim Lynch