HODGE, PITCHER - Antigua, Trinidad, Caribbean Unknown

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HODGE, PITCHER - Antigua, Trinidad, Caribbean Unknown

Post by Saundra » Sat Oct 03, 2015 5:59 am

Looking for information on William Hodge born about 1866 and died in Brooklyn NY 1903 from appendicitis. He is my Great great grandfather.

We don't know for sure where in the Caribbean he came from. Some family member say Trinidad but I am unsure. All records that we know of (marriage and death certificates, census records...) just say British West Indies.

From this website, I see that a good amount of Hodges are from Antigua. He came to America about 1881 and married my great great grandmother, Florence Kilburn, in 1888. He came to America with his brother, Walter. My aunts say that when he died, his mother, Margaret Pitcher Hodge, came to the states and offered to take the lightest children back with her but of course, my great grand was not having it.

We have one picture of William and Walter who were very light skin, almost white looking, black men. Does anyone know of this family?

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