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Postby rozapeardrops » Thu Mar 08, 2007 1:11 pm

Rozapeardrops seeking Any Marks connected to three African brothers brought over as slaves to Marks plantation in Guyana. My name was originally Roza Marks daughter of Carlton and Sheila Marks. Carlton hailed from Essequibo and had three brothers and two sisters. His father was Alan Marks. I recently found out there is another set of Marks's from essequibo they informed us of the three African brothers. Andre Marks is a member of this new found set of Marks. There is also my dads cousin Desmond Marks now deceased he went to Jamaica. :?:
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Eleuterio Smith-Mark

Postby yvonne emanuel » Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:00 pm

Subject is my Tio by marriage. he and My tia, don't have any surviving children. they met in Panama. I just spoke with her and she said that his family was from Jamaica.
DeLaMotte, LaMotte, LaMothe, Belfon,Pollard, Moore (Grenada, Panama. Barbados St Lucia)...Agusta Moore and Mr. Pollard ,Barbados, moved to St. lucia had 4 or 5 children one named Roselind Pollard born 1898. married a Louis LaMotte Jr. in Panama
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