BRIGHT and MEYLER - Jamaica - family records

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BRIGHT and MEYLER - Jamaica - family records

Post by JEM » Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:37 am

May be of interest to Bright and Meyler (Jamaica) researchers...

https://digitised-collections.unimelb.e ... 1343/92255

THE BRIGHT FAMILY PAPERS consists of personal, financial, commercial and legal documentation relating to the Bright and Meyler families, including deeds, indentures and wills; correspondence, letterbooks and extracts; journals, ledgers, cashbooks and summaries of accounts; estate plans and inventories; pedigrees, family trees, and copies of Parish registers; folios of artwork; photographs; and some supplementary printed material.

The earliest material in the collection consists of a will (1511) and two arbitration disputes (1532, 1592), the feet of fine or court copies of two final concords (both in Latin, c.1610), and a number of indentures from the mid to late seventeenth and early eighteenth century.

The bulk of the collection dates from 1730-1840, and relates to the various commercial partnerships between the Bright and Meyler families and other merchants and traders in Jamaica and the West Indies. This material covers the management of plantations Meylersfield (also known as Cabaritta) and Garredu (Black Mount) and other Jamaican concerns that the Brights and Meylers were involved in. Specific documents and topics of interest include valuations, inventories and accounts relating to slaves, land and stock; detailed business accounts; correspondence describing daily life and business, including discussion of Tacky's rebellion (1760), the Capture of St. Lucia (1778), fires (1780, 1782) and a hurricane (1780), governance, medicine and illness, and various plants and animals sent home to England.

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