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MCNISH - Antigua

PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 3:02 pm
by johnlane
Seeking information regarding McNish Family from Antigua:

Margaret Baker McNish (6/6/1832- 28/10/1911), St Johns, Antigua

Residence: Newgate St, St Johns, Antigua

Alexander William McNish (1798 - 1837) - Reverend, Rector at St Peters Antigua
Mary Elizabeth Johnson (1802-1845)

1. Niete (?) Reynolds in 1855
2. Thomas Pigott (1812 -1868) in 1862 (approx.)

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:45 pm
by valdemar
I don't have Margaret Baker McNish as one of Rev. Alexander William McNish's children, would appreciate your source to update my records on McNish family.

This may be duplication of info you already have, the children I have for Rev. Alexander William McNish & Mary Eliza Johnson are: 1. Alexander William McNish II; b. 1829 St Johns, Antigua; d. 18 Jan 1831, St Johns, Antigua. 2. Anna Brodie McNish, b.1832 St Johns, Antigua, d. 10 Mar 1858, St Johns, Antigua. 3. Lydia Cecilia McNish, b. 1836; d. 2 Aug 1845. - Documentation can be found in Vere Langford Oliver's History of the Island of Antigua Vol.II P.230 & 232. Also on; Memorial numbers 107681628, 107682259 & 107681901.

The parents of Rev. Alexander William McNish are Robert McNish Jr. & Mary Brodie. The parents of Mary Brodie are Alexander Brodie & Ann Kidder.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:33 pm
by johnlane
Margaret Baker McNish was my wife's great, great grandmother

We have family photo of Margaret's son, Freddie's gravestone, which indicates that Freddie was the " Grandson of Rev Alexander W McNish, late rector of St Peter's"

We also have letters (1930/1940's) from Florence (Flory) McNish, which maker reference to the fact that Rev Alexander McNish was Margaret Baker McNish's father. Florence McNish was the grand daughter of one of Rev Alexander W McNish's brothers, most likely she was grand daughter of Brodie George McNish

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 6:42 pm
by valdemar
Thanks for the info on Margaret Baker McNish, I will add her to children of Rev. Alexander William & Mary Eliza McNish...Is the name Baker coming from her marriage to a "Baker", or was that her middle name?
Brodie George McNish m. Cecilia Margaret Johnson, sister of Mary Eliza Johnson. I only have 1 child born to Cecilia & Brodie: Robert Boyd McNish, possibly then the father of Florence McNish. Do you possibly have the name of the person Robert Boyd McNish married?
David Bladen

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 6:54 pm
by valdemar
Also meant to you have the dates birth/death on "Freddie". Is the tombstone on

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:31 pm
by johnlane
Baker was her second Name, Not sure why Baker, not aware of any of her ancestors that had that name, although her grand daughter had Baker as her third given name.

Freddie (Frederick Dickson Foote Pigott) B: Apr 1868 D: 6 Jan 1888. Don't believe he is in Find-a-grave. We have a photo taken at the time and sent to his brother, Alexander in Australia. Not sure where he is buried in Antigua.

Florence doesn't appear to mention her parents or grand parents names in any of her letters. She does make reference to the fact there was the double family connection ie Johnson sisters marrying McNish brother. It is this comment that led me to believe that she is Brodie George McNish's Grand daughter and daughter of Robert Boyd Mcnish (assuming Robert Boyd was the only Son,). Florence moved to New York in 1913. On her immigration paper she indicates that her nearest relative was Walter McNish. Not sure who Walter is, possibly a brother ?????

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:46 pm
by valdemar
Thanks again for the info. Vere Langford Oliver - The History of the Island of Antigua VOL II P.230: William McNish of Dumfries, Scotland, living 1797 was married to 1797. They had 4 children: William McNish of Antigua (died a bachelor), Margaret McNish m. ... Gowan, Robert McNish, Senior, living 1797 & George McNish, living 1797.

Robert McNish, Junior, Planter, d. 5 Feb 1828, Age 73, St John's, m. Mary, dau. of Alexander Brodie of Antigua, Merchant; mar 2 Nov 1796; d. 31 Aug 1819 age 48. Children: Rev Alexander William McNish,John McNish, Brodie McNish 7 Brodie George McNish....I believe you have the rest. If you need any dates on the others just let me know.

There is a Will for William McNish, son of William McNish of Dumfries, if you are interested I will get further info for you. Go to and there are several "Compensation Claims" for members of the McNish family...compensation paid to former slave owners after emancipation.

In Oliver's "Pedigree of McNish" family in Antigua I am having a problem connecting one "chart" to another. Maybe you can help on this one. There is the William McNish of Dumfries & then there is another "chart": John Killian of Mount Rurall 1788 m. to???; children:Dr. Anna Maria Killian, m. (1st) 22 Oct 1774, at St Peter's, to Robert McNish; (2nd) 20 Dec 1806, James McCraith - Elizabeth Catherine Killian, m. 15 Dec 1774, St Peter's, Robert Colquhoun, Her Will 1 Mar. 1820 - Frances Killian m. Dr. John Mcnish, 29 Sep 1773, St Peter's' Children of Frances Killian & Dr. John McNish (living in 1820): Dr. John Killian McNish bapt 30 Mar 1776, St Peter's - Robert McNish bapt 10 Feb 1778 St Peter's & Catherine Killian McNish bapt 29 Sep 1774 St Peter's.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 7:57 pm
by valdemar
When I have a chance I have to go to the library to look at the actual film on the Census', they give a lot more info than the general search on
The Antigua Grammar School Roll 1884-1945 has a Walter Leopold McNish as having entered the school 22 Jan 1894, and his dob 12 Mar 1882. The 1905 Census, Brooklyn, Kings, New York records Walter McNish, Age 23, Estimated dob 1882, Birthplace West Indies. Marie McNish Age 18, birthplace Italy. Florence McNish, Daughter, age 10 mos (Possibly named after his sister?). Definitely need to look at the actual Census as the familysearch show there being 3 heads of household: Anglo Patche & his wife Mary, both born in Italy & their son 16 yrs old, born in USA. The third house hold is Tony Ferretti, his wife Mary & 2 sons, all born in Italy. 1910 Census, Brooklyn, Kings, NY: Walter L. B. McNish, Age 26, Estimated dob 1884,Immigrated 1896, Birthplace West Indies, Father's birthplace West Indies, Mother's birthplace West Indies; Lille M. McNish, age 23, Wife, Birthplace NY; Robert B. McNish, Age 29, Birthplace West Indies.
NYC Municipal Deaths: Walter McNish, died 13 Mar 1948; Brooklyn, Kings, NY; buried 16 Mar 1948; Cypress Hills Cemetery; Father's name Robert b. BWI; Mother's name Rebecca Blodie (I believe should be Brodie) b. BWI; Wife's name Bella (Italian name, these records do have mistakes in regards to names sometimes).
In 1930 there is a Census, Brooklyn, Kings, NY: Florence Macnish; Age 50; Estimated dob 1880; Birthplace British West Indies, Immigrated 1914; Father's birthplace British West Indies; Mother's birthplace British West Indies. Louise NcNish, Head of household & sister of Florence Macnish. Again misspelled, should be NcNish.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 2:42 pm
by johnlane
The 1930 Census record was for Gates Ave. Brooklyn. I have correspondence from Florence that indicates she lived in Gates Ave in 1946. We also have correspondence from 1933, which indicates she lived in Throop Ave Brooklyn. The 1930 Census record would appear to indicate that the residence is a lodging House owner/managed by her sister Louise. Would appear she moved out and possibly returned later

There is also a 1940 Census record for Florence. Although this record indicates Florence was born in Scotland ( which is incorrect), the address matches correspondence we have from her (Clermont Ave Brooklyn)

Interesting info you have regarding Walter McNish, could well be Florence's brother

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:24 pm
by valdemar
I have found many inaccuracies on Census records where it comes to place of birth. Looking at the this is what is recorded on the ship's manifest for Florence McNish.

Florence B. McNish arrived in New York on Dec 17, 1913 on board the S.S. Guiana, she was going to a relative, Lester Louisa McNish (maybe Lester should be Hester??) at 363 Grand Ave., Brooklyn, NY. She was 38 years old, and her occupation was Seamstress. The name & address she gave for the nearest relative living in the country she came from was Walter McNish, St Johns, Antigua.

I have contacted someone in Antigua, who has been a great help to me in the past, I want to see if he has anything on Robert McNish & Rebecca Brodie, parents of Walter and his brother Robert B. McNish; also are Florence & Louisa the sisters of Walter. Will see what he comes up with... anything positive will pass it along.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:28 am
by johnlane
I had a look for other McNish from Antigua on the Ellis Island records.

There is a Larise McNish, emigrated 1911, Age 33; Seamstress. Going to live with her Brother Walter L McNish, 82 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn; Nearest Relative (in country where she came from): her uncle, Walter B McNish, 19 Market St St John's Antigua; Note: her given name on the record looks like it could be Louisa ??????

In 1920 Census; there is a Larise and Florence McNish living in Gates Ave Brooklyn; emigration dates are similar ( but not identical to other records) but ages are different to other records . Larise is sister of Florence. However Census indicates they are English ???? (which could be a common for British West Indies)

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:47 pm
by valdemar
Thank goodness for Florence and her letters! Especially since many records in those days were notoriously inaccurate in spelling names, etc. With dob on Census records & other information that we have, I think we can safely say that Walter Leopold B. McNish, Florence McNish & Louisa McNish are brother and sisters; I would even venture to say that Larise & Louise are one and the same person. Here is my take on the possible lineage...will use years just to draw a likely picture. Let me know your take on it: Brodie George McNish m. Cecilia Margaret Johnson, they had a son, Robert Boyd McNish who was baptized 19 Aug 1836...say he got married in 1856 when he was 20 (don't know who he married); they then had 2 sons Walter B. McNish & Robert McNish, for argument born 1857-1858; Robert McNish married when he was 20...1877-1878, he married Rebecca Brodie, their children were: Louise/Larise McNish b. 1878, Walter Leopold B. McNish b. 1882 & Florence McNish b. 1884. I want to see if I can find anything on the marriage of WLBmCn to the Italian Marie/Lillian Patche. Also going to look again at the Grammar School Roll for Pigott (big name in Antigua). I found a Census for 1915 with Louise McNish, age 34, having been in the US for 4 years (agrees with Ellis Island records as to arrival date), she was at that time a "Servant" living with Head of Household (the household is not listed, so have no name for family she was employed again a "to do", look at original Census records. Did you take note of the physical record on the S.S. Guiana passenger Manifest? Larise was 5ft 2in tall, fair complexion, light brown hair & blue eyes.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:01 pm
by johnlane
Walter McNish related stuff:

There appears to be two Walter McNish’s, in New York, From West Indies of a similar age

1. Walter McNish
1905 New Work Census records:
Walter was recorded twice in 1905 census, Walter was in Jail
a) Institution: Brooklyn County Jail

• Walter McNish, Age 23; (born 1882?) Born: West Indies; Occupation: Waiter (?);
Normal Residence: 1949 Pitkin Ave Brooklyn

b). Residents of 1949 Pitkin Ave Brooklyn

• Walter McNish: Age 23; Born: West Indies; Occupation: Waiter; Years in USA: 8
• Marie McNish; wife, Age: 18; Born: Italy; Years in USA: 16;
• Florence; daughter; 10 mths

2. Walter L B McNish

a) 1910 US Federal census
Residence: Sacket St Brooklyn;
Walter L B McNish; Head, Age: 26; Yrs Married: 1; Born: WI; Parents Born: WI; Emigrated: 1896; Occupation: Collector (??)
Lillie McNish; wife; Age: 23; Yrs Married: 1; Born: NY; Parents Born: NY;
Robert B McNish; Brother ; Age: 29; Born: WI; Parents born: WI; Emigrated: 1900; Occupation: Serviceman - Street Railway

b) USA WW1 Draft Registration card – 1917-1918
Walter Leopold McNish; Born 12 Mar 1884; Address: 401 4th Ave Brooklyn;
Occupation: Waiter; Nearest relative: Lillie McNish

c) USA WW2 Draft Registration card – 1942
Walter Leopold McNish; Born: 12 Mar 1882; Age: 60; Born WI; Address 90 Autumn Ave Brooklyn; Wife: Bella McNish;

d) US Social Security & Claims index (??)
Walter Leopold McNish; Born: 12 Mar 1884; Born: WI; Father: Robert McNish; Mother Rebecca Gregory

e) New York Death Index:
Walter McNish; Bth abt 1884; Died 13 March 1948, Kings, New York


In 1920 US Census, Florence H McNish, aged 15, is the step daughter of Oscar Herzog. Oscar was Born is Germany and Maria, aged 35, born in Italy. Florence’s father is listed as born in West Indies. They have another child born 1911. Oscar is a lawyer. They lived in Balitmore, Marylands. Would appear that Walter McNish and Marie separated between 1905 & 1910 and Marie remarried Oscar Herzog

New York Birth Index: Florence M McNish, Born 17 Aug 1904 Kings, New York

Lillie McNish (nee Bond) Remarried Arthur Crutchley between 1925 and 1930. Not sure when she divorced from Walter L B McNish

All the above are from records for

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:43 pm
by valdemar
Thanks for getting me straight on the Walters. The only one, for some unknown reason, I have been unable to pull up with ancestry is the Draft Registration 1917-1918.
Do you agree that Larise & Louise are one and the same person? What about the good possibility that I gave of the 3, Walter, Louise & Florence descending from Robert Boyd NcNish?...Nothing in any of Florence's letters to give any possible clue?

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:24 pm
by johnlane
Yes it would appear that Larise and Louise could be the same person and that they are all siblings, although I would like some more proof to confirm. I will order a copy of Walters death certificate. That will hopefully verify his parents.

The US social security index indicated Walters mother was Rebecca Gregory, not Rebecca Brodie. Hopefully death certificate will verify.