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MCFARLANE - Jamaica, Clarendon or St. Thomas

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:09 pm
by cocomomo80
I'm trying to find further information regarding my deceased grandfather, Arthur Emanuel McFarlane, and great-grandmother, Catherine McFarlane. I was fortunate enough to find an image of my grandfather's ORIGINAL Jamaican Birth Registration Record (emotionally overwhelming).

My grandfather's info, so far:

Date of Birth: May 21, 1924 |
Place of Birth/Registry: May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica |
Mother: Catherine McFarlane (I believe she was unmarried) |
Spouse: Aneta Cinderella Williams Page (McFarlane/Dunston) |
Siblings: Rumored to have had a sister (along with 3-4 other siblings -- possibly an older brother named Emanuel McFarlane, and another brother, younger, named Wilbert Richard) |
Children: 7 -- Austin, Errol, Lorenzo, Rose Marie, Vincent, and Joy (all children had the McFarlane last name). And then, he had a daughter (name unknown) out of wedlock; she may be residing in England. |
Date and Place of Death: 1973, (maybe, Kingston) Jamaica |
Other Information: my grandfather's side of the family also contain Jamaican-Chinese ancestry.

My grandfather was rumored to have grown up in Saint Thomas. I believe his mother, Catherine McFarlane, might have originally been from Saint Thomas; I'm hoping to find more about her as well. The only "MacFarlane" that I know of, who first put down roots in Saint Thomas, was Scottish emigrant, Dr. Peter MacFarlane (born circa 1770).

I also know that the first recorded "MacFarlane" in Jamaica, via Kingston, was Alexander MacFarlane (1702-1755), but I don't believe he is closely tied to Peter.

I hope someone can help.